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australian honey

Honey Australia- Raw Organic Honey and Leatherwood Honey

Australian Honey- Raw Organic Honey and Leatherwood Honey                                                                   Pacific Resources is excited to introduce two Australian Honeys to the gourmet honey family… More Honey Australia- Raw Organic Honey and Leatherwood Honey
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New Zealand Proper Crisps

New Zealand Proper Crisps know you deserve real food. You shouldn’t have to settle for over-processed, artificially flavored potato chips, you’re worthy of crisps without compromise! And that’s exactly what they deliver at Proper Crisps. There’s a reason they’re the fastest growing snack company in New Zealand. The hand cooked Proper Crisps are guaranteed to be:… More New Zealand Proper Crisps
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Only the highest quality!

Carefully selected, we strive to bring the highest quality New Zealand products to your door! Pacific Resources only works direct with beekeepers that have been in the bee keeping business for at least three generations and have shown the desire to give the bees the very best sustainable resources to stay happy and healthy. These… More Only the highest quality!
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