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Honey with benefits.

Manuka Honey is the healthiest honey you can put in your body. Who knew healthy eating can be so sweet?

Why Choose Manuka?

Variety of Health Benefits

Manuka Honey has a variety of health benefits that ordinary honey doesn't provide. Digestive help, immune support, energy-booster, and wound healing are just a few of the many benefits.

Antiviral Properties

MGO is a substance in Manuka Honey that attacks germs and other invasive bacteria in your body. Pacific Resources International provides top-quality high MGO Manuka Honey to strenthen the human body.

Highest Quality Honey

Pacific Resources International farms the highest quality Manuka Honey in New Zealand. Our honey has been graded and tested to meet New Zealand Government high standards.

Only Sustainable Bees

We are leading the charge in the Manuka Honey industry in the Save The Bees campaign. We only source our honey from sustainable beekeepers and donate a portion of every purchase to bee-sustainability.

"We have enjoyed this salt for many years and buy it by the case. I use it to season everything. From butter cream to brownies....salads to steaks...it's my secret ingredient."


"Each little, three-bite patty is so pure and delicious I can't bear to call it candy but that's because it's better than any candy I've ever tasted. Bitter smooth chocolate mixed with sweet smooth Manuka Honey. YUM!"


"Getting a sore throat? The most delightful way to relieve and really enjoy the experience is to suck a manuka honey chocolate. Can you think of any tastier medicine? I can't!"


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Treats - Bulk 1LB Honey Nuggets

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Bulk Manuka Honey Sticks- 90ea

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Manuka Honey Helps Soothes Burns:

Scientific studies show Manuka Honey as a viable option for wound dressing. The physical properties of honey create a favorable environment for skin repair, while its antibacterial nature also supports healing. Source 1 | Source 2


Manuka Honey Supports Gut Health:

Evidence shows Manuka Honey may support gut health as a prebiotic (due to the presence of oligosaccharides). More information.
Its anti-inflammatory properties may also positively impact inflammatory bowel disease. More information.
Studies demonstrate Manuka as an alternative treatment in fighting bacteria such as Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori).
and Clostridium difficile (C. diff). More information.


Manuka Honey is Great For Skin:

Manuka honey works well as a face mask and wash. It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, plus its antibacterial properties may help reduce acne. Since honey is hygroscopic, it draws moisture to the skin, helping it stay hydrated.


Manuka Honey Aids Sore Throat:

Manuka provides relief by coating the throat as well as fighting the bacteria that is causing pain. More information.