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Candy Tree

Healthy Candy From The Netherlands.

Your tasty natural choice!

In 1984 two parents were concerned with what their seven children were eating. They cooked up lollipops, licorice and hard candies. Their children and now grandchildren have enjoyed these wholesome Organic sweets for years... Now yours can too.

No Cane Sugar And No High Fructose Corn Syrup.


Wheat & Gluten Free

Dairy Free



What you should know about Candy Tree

Over-sensitivity to sugar.

We prefer not to use cane or beet sugar, because of increasing over-sensitivity to sugar and ADHD issues. Therefore Candy Tree sweets are mildly sweetened with corn syrup, concentrated fruit juices, molasses*, maple syrup or agave syrup.

We DON'T use High Fructose Corn Syrup!

HFCS is often used in the USA because of its strong sweetness, which makes the syrup a good replacement for sugar. This syrup is not certified as organic and besides that it consists mainly of fructose, which is not suitable for our products. Our organic maltose corn syrup is of course certified and consists mainly of maltose, maltotriose and a bit of glucose.

Do Candy Tree sweets taste just as good as sweets with sugar?

Sweets with sugar taste sweeter and are therefore combined with aromas with a strong taste and smell. Candy Tree sweets taste less sweet. Therefore the sweets taste good, even with natural ingredients and mild organic natural aromas.

On Top Of That The Sweets Are Vegan.