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Free Shipping on orders $49+
Free Shipping on orders $49+

Explore Manuka Honey.

Honey Treats That'll Make You Smile.

Exclusively from New Zealand.

Natural Remedies For Colds & Sore Throats

Explore the benefits of Manuka Honey & Propolis.

The original Manuka Honey brand.

As the first Manuka Honey brand in the United States, we pride ourselves in transparency, potency, and quality of everything we sell.

Get a FREE Manuka Honey 200+ Tasting Jar

When you buy 3 or more Manuka Honey Chocolate bags.

Sourced with care.

Our beekeepers are second to none when it comes to the ethical treatment of bees.

Support the Bees.

A portion of every online sale supports the SAVE the BEE initiative