New Zealand Raw Rata Honey

All About Rata Honey

1 day ago
 Looking for a delicious and flavourful honey? We bring you New Zealand Raw Rata Honey! Rata Hone...
Manuka Honey

Is Manuka Honey Good for Inflammation?

3 days ago
Manuka Honey has been so popular for its antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. ...
PRI Manuka Honey

The Right Medical Grade Manuka Honey For You

11 days ago
Manuka honey has been popular since the earliest times. Apart from being generally used as food, ...
paleo diet

Is Manuka Honey Paleo?

12 days ago
What is a Paleo diet? “A paleo diet also known as Paleolithic diet or Stone Age diet is a dietary...
honey cornbread stuffing

Honey Cornbread Stuffing

June 25 2020
Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning your Thanksgiving menu. T...
dental check up

Propolis- Dental Inflammation Begone

June 17 2020
  The tiny world of bees is a magical place and propolis (a bee resin) just can’t stay out of the...
whipped honey butter

Whipped Honey Butter

June 17 2020
  This simple 3 ingredient Whipped Honey Butter recipe is very easy to make. It goes great on fre...

Manuka Honey- A Substitute For Sugar

June 12 2020
Sugar has many forms and a favorite of many is Manuka honey. Whether consumed on its own or in co...

Cystic Fibrosis & Manuka Honey

June 12 2020
If you suffer from Cystic fibrosis (CF) you know that it is not a pleasant disorder and in some a...
oral hygiene

Biofilms Defeated By Manuka Honey

June 12 2020
Biofilms, biofilms can be found in any area of the body however recently there has been an import...
biogro organic

Think Organic, Think BioGro

June 12 2020
Anyone can claim their product is organic, fair-trade and ecologically sustainable however, the l...
flaky sea salt

A Delicacy, Flaky Salt

June 12 2020
      Although flaky salt appears to be a new product with all the recent advertising and marketi...
manuka margaritas

Manuka Margaritas

June 11 2020
  How do you Manuka? Bring on the summer fun with Manuka Margaritas. Enjoy with your friends at B...
manuka honey flan

Manuka Honey Flan With Salted Caramel Sauce

June 11 2020
  Here is a New Zealand twist on a classic Spanish favorite. A perfect dessert to share with fami...
manuka honey

Manuka Honey, Nature's Energy Food

June 10 2020
  Honey… Natural Energy When you are running low on energy, you tend to choose caffeinated drink...

Sriracha and Manuka Honey Deviled Eggs

June 5 2020
  Try one of your favorite spring side dishes has always been the classic deviled egg. Add we’re ...
travel beauty blog

Manuka Honey Beauty Travel Tips For The Summer

June 4 2020
  Let’s be real! Traveling and looking your best can be tough. With the rules constantly changing...
The Hive

The Hive

June 4 2020
Manuka honey is created in the same way all honey is, but what do you know about how a bee colony...
manuka oil

DIY Easy 2 Ingredient Stress Relief Bath Soak

June 4 2020
  With all the stresses that come with everyday life, it is increasingly important to find time i...
camping made easy

Camping Made Easy

June 3 2020
  At Pacific Resources International, we’re firm believers in the healing benefits of mother natu...

House Jobs For The Worker Bees

June 3 2020
  The worker bees have many jobs inside and outside of the hive, and for this reason they out num...
manuka honey chipotle glaze recipe

Manuka Honey Chipotle Glaze Recipe

June 2 2020
  Spice up your summer bbq with this sweet and spicy chipotle glaze recipe! Spread it on ribs, st...
school back pack

7 Ideas For Packing Great School Lunches

June 2 2020
   It’s back to school and that means back to school lunches! As busy moms, we are always lookin...
honey treatment

Veterinary Use of Manuka Honey

June 1 2020
  We’ve heard that manuka honey has fantastic properties and is a bonafide alternative treatment ...
self care

Take Time For Yourself Today

May 29 2020
  International Self-Care Day was developed in 2011 by the International Self-Care Foundation as ...
chauterie board

Build An Epic Charcuterie Board

May 29 2020
  Picture Credit : @judydohertyphotography Wine and Cheese Day is today! What’s better way to cel...
soothing tea

Manuka Honey Soothing Tea

May 28 2020
  An all-natural remedy for your sore throat. Try using our Manuka Honey to strengthen your immun...
PRI Cough Elixir

PRI's Award Winning Relief For The Common Cold!

May 28 2020
  An All Natural, Award Winning Relief for the Common Cold Has Arrived! Tis’ the season for sore ...

Manuka Honey & Diverticulitis

May 28 2020
  Diverticulitis is a disease caused by an infection in the gut and although it has been thorough...
Manuka Honey Banana Popsicles

Manuka Honey Banana Popsicles

May 27 2020
  Summer is on its way and here is a delicious snack for your family. Serve it to friends by the ...
manuka activity

Bee Informed: The Definitive Guide To Rating Manuka Honey

May 27 2020
  This blog article is intended to give clarity to consumers that they are buying certified Manuk...
voice blog

Important Vocal Tips Every Singer Should Take Note Of

May 26 2020
  If You’re a Public Speaker, Salesperson or Anyone Who Uses Their Voice Professionally, These He...
manuka honey

Buyer Bee- Ware!

May 26 2020
Propolis for children

Propolis For Children, Help Them Breath

May 26 2020
 Upper respiratory-tract infections (URTI) occur most commonly in childhood. On average, a health...
sugar scrub

Manuka Honey Sugar Scrub

May 26 2020
  It’s summer! Time to pull out those shorts and bathing suits. Keep your legs looking smooth and...
biogro flaky sea salt

Bio Gro (Organic) Flaky Sea Salt Recipes

May 25 2020
Looking for more ideas on how to cook with your Bio Gro Flaky Sea Salt? These three simple gourme...