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Lemon Matcha Hot Toddy Recipe

Lemon Matcha Hot Toddy Recipe

There really is nothing like a hot toddy when you’re feeling under the weather and need to get in a good snooze. It’s not just an old wives tale either, recent studies show that the ingredients in a hot toddy mimic the effects of OTC products like NyQuil… Though, if we’re being truthful it’s actually NyQuil that mimics a hot toddy right?! So why not go natural? 

Our Hot Toddy is a riff on the classic with the addition of Sencha Naturals Green Tea + C for those extra antioxidants and vitamin C, PRI’s Manuka Honey & Propolis Cough Elixir for the extra cough soothing effects and some extra Manuka Honey to further support the immune system, help reduce bad bacteria and further soothe that sore throat.

If you are looking to help reduce your risk of getting sick in the first place, simply remove the cough elixir and enjoy one before bed. Keep in mind, whiskey is shown to be a great decongestant but stick with just one & make sure to keep fully hydrated!

Immune Supporting Matcha Hot Toddy


Pour one pack of Green Tea + C into a mug. Then pour in ½ cup of hot water. The mixture will foam up, so stir until the foam disappears and then pour in the remaining ½ cup of hot water. Stir until well combined. Next add in 2 tsp of the cough elixir and 1 tsp of manuka honey. Stir well again. Next, add in the juice of half a lemon and 1 shot of whiskey. Give it a good stir and then drop in a cinnamon stick and place a lemon wedge on the rim for garnish. Stir well before consuming and enjoy! 

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