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Australia at its Purest

Unchanged. Unspoilt. Unadulterated. Completely natural, single-sourced, pure Australian honey.

100% Australian, 100% Capilano

Smooth, sweet and perfectly balanced, generations of Aussies have grown up with Capilano Pure Honey. Made by Aussie bees and their beekeepers, our signature blend of eucalyptus and ground flora honey is the taste you know and love.

Discover the Taste of Australia

Pristine floral diversity

Australia's sun-drenched, rugged country has floral diversity - unmatched anywhere else on earth - perfect for happy, healthy bees.

Hive-ripened and hand harvested

All Capilano sourced honey is naturally dried by the bees and ripened in the hives. Once ready, the honey is collected by hand and quality tested.

Master Blended for Taste

Capilano's iconic pure Australian honey has been expertly blended by our master honey blender for more than 40 years.