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Did you know that not all honey is created equal?

Mossop's UMF® Manuka Honey goes above and beyond your average jar of honey. Manuka honey is unique due to its high levels of a compound called Methylglyoxal (MGO), which is responsible for many of its potential health benefits. It’s not only a natural powerhouse against bacteria, but it also promotes a whole range of potential health benefits. From soothing sore throats to supporting digestive health well-being.

Why UMF Manuka Honey?

Cool Processed Goodness

Our honey goes through a cool processing method to make sure we filter out any bee particles or bits of honeycomb that may have fallen in. We want you to enjoy a smooth and delicious experience without any surprises! Plus, our honey is 100% raw, preserving all those natural goodness!

Tested to Perfection

We take quality seriously. Each batch of Mossop's UMF® Manuka Honey goes through rigorous laboratory testing to ensure that every single jar contains the UMF® and MG (Methylglyoxal) components that make it so special. We've got the evidence to back up our claims!

Direct from the Beekeepers

Who knows honey better than the beekeepers? The Mossop's family has been keeping bees for over 70 years. Using sustainable practices, they do it all from hive to home.