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When it comes to manuka honey, transparency is not just a buzzword but a core principle that has guided our brand for over three decades. You may have heard about our QR codes and access to test results, but do you truly understand why transparency is crucial? In this blog post, we delve into the world of manuka honey, highlighting the vital role transparency plays in ensuring you get the real deal.

The Murky World of Manuka Labeling:

Each year, there is an alarming amount of honey falsely labeled as manuka. Although exact figures are hard to pin down, export data reveals the magnitude of the issue. The recent legal tussle between New Zealand and Australia further complicates matters. While Australia emerged victorious, many New Zealand brands staunchly claim that genuine manuka only hails from their shores.

However, a shift has occurred. In recent years, rigorous testing has demonstrated that several types of the manuka tree in Australia produce honey with high MGO content. Yet, here's the catch: regulations and testing standards in Australia aren't as stringent as those in New Zealand. This disparity offers some brands the opportunity to deceive consumers. Some even export manuka from New Zealand in bulk containers, blending it with other honey before jarring. Meanwhile, others jar the honey in New Zealand but obscure its MGO content to sell lower-strength manuka at a premium price.

The Gold Standard: Transparent Test Results:

So, how can you ensure that you're purchasing genuine manuka honey? The answer is straightforward: transparent test results. If you can't readily access the test results for the honey you're considering, it's a major red flag. Now, you might wonder, can't a company manipulate the test results and provide fake information? It's a valid concern. That's why we go a step further by providing comprehensive details about the accredited lab that conducts the tests. This level of transparency ensures you can trust the authenticity of our manuka honey.

In the world of manuka honey, transparency isn't just a marketing slogan; it's a safeguard for consumers. With counterfeit honey on the rise, having access to authentic test results is essential. We believe that this transparency builds trust and ensures that you are getting the genuine, high-quality manuka honey you expect.

For full instructions on how to read your test results click here or learn by video


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