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When to Choose High-Strength Manuka Honey for Your Health

When to Choose High-Strength Manuka Honey for Your Health

Manuka honey boasts a long-standing reputation for its natural goodness. However, not all Manuka honey is created equal. The MGO (Methylglyoxal) rating plays a significant role – the higher the MGO, the more potent the honey. PRI's 1000+ MGO Manuka honey is a robust addition to your healthcare regimen. High-strength manuka is rarer, and thus is priced higher so you may wonder, "Is the highest strength right for me?" In this blog post, we'll explore situations where high MGO Manuka honey is the ideal choice.

  1. Dealing with Health Issues: If you're seeking the potential health benefits of Manuka honey, such as immune support, wound healing, or digestive health, the highest strength is a suitable choice.
  1. Targeted Therapeutic Use: High-strength Manuka honey is often employed for more severe health conditions, especially when traditional treatments have limitations or side effects.
  1. Resistant Infections: In cases of stubborn or antibiotic-resistant infections, the potent antimicrobial properties of high-strength Manuka honey can be invaluable. Please note that this is not treatment advice, so consult your healthcare provider if you have infection concerns.
  1. Topical Healing: For skin conditions, wounds, or burns, high-strength Manuka honey can deliver superior results.
  1. Personal Preferences: Some individuals simply prefer the stronger flavor and enhanced benefits of higher-rated Manuka honey.

PRI has been dedicated to providing you with the finest Manuka honey for over 35 years. We collaborate with third-generation sustainable beekeepers to deliver the highest quality honey available. Our transparency offers peace of mind, and you can even scan the QR code on the lid to review the test results and lab information.

In a world where wellness is more crucial than ever, embracing the natural power of high MGO Manuka honey can be a game-changer. Say farewell to synthetic additives and welcome a more vibrant, healthier you. Explore the full range of PRI's high MGO Manuka honey products today to experience its full potential.

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