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manuka honey and propolis cough elixirs

Manuka Honey and Propolis Cough Elixirs

Manuka Honey and Propolis Cough Elixirs: Propolis & Tea Tree, Lemon & Honey, and Strawberry Pacific Resources Cough Elixirs are made with Manuka Honey and Bee Propolis for a homeopathic formula strong enough to subside that pesky cough. Manuka Honey and propolis are New Zealand’s best all natural ingredients combined together to form a powerful, all… More Manuka Honey and Propolis Cough Elixirs
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Propolis Soap with Manuka Honey and Tea Tree Oil

Propolis Soap with Manuka Honey and Tea Tree Oil

PRI Propolis Soap with Manuka Honey and Tea Tree Oil is a soft, luxurious rich cleansing soap offering the benefits of Propolis, Manuka Oil and Raw Manuka Honey.Propolis Soap takes care of unwanted bacteria on the surface which is the cause of many skin infections. This unique all natural soap is used for face, hands and… More Propolis Soap with Manuka Honey and Tea Tree Oil
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Influenza don’t let it get you

The flu, we have all  had it and we certainly don’t want it. But time and time again our bodys’ immune system fails us and we find ourselves down and out with one or more these symptoms: fever, chills, muscle aches, runny nose, cough and stomach upsets. Maybe it was a coworker coughing in the corner,… More Influenza don’t let it get you
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manuka honey hand creams

Manuka Honey Hand Creams

PRI’s collection of Manuka Honey Hand Creams include Simply Manuka, Manuka Cool Citrus, and Manuka Tropical Coconut and Lime. PRI hand creams are made with New Zealand Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey is known for its natural healing and antibacterial properties that assist in nourishing the skin. Natural ingredients such as Exotic Botanicals and Manuka Honey are… More Manuka Honey Hand Creams
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manuka oil

PRI Manuka Oil

PRI Manuka Oil from New Zealand is very gentle in its nature, our Manuka Oil can be used straight from the bottle for its antibacterial properties. A natural antiseptic suitable for the whole family (and pets) to use.PRI Manuka Oil (100% Pure Leptospermum Scoparium) is distilled from the abundant Manuka forests that blanket the pristine New Zealand coastline.… More PRI Manuka Oil
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PRI Propolis & Tea Tree Toothpaste (now with Xylitol)

PRI Propolis & Tea Tree Toothpaste (now with Xylitol)

PRI Propolis & Tea Tree Toothpaste (now with Xylitol) Pacific Resources International natural propolis toothpaste combines two proven natural oral-hygiene products, Propolis and Tea Tree Oil in a unique family-favorite formulation. PRI Propolis Toothpaste has a refreshing low-foaming action that helps maintain healthy teeth and gums leaving teeth feeling clean and bright. Now with xylitol,… More PRI Propolis & Tea Tree Toothpaste (now with Xylitol)
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Manuka Honey in the Fight against Canker Sores

I should have thought and or known, as I have grown up using Manuka honey for scrapes and cuts, enjoying it on toast or in my tea as well as taking the higher level activity Manuka Honey to help fight off colds and flu, but never once did I think to apply Manuka Honey to Canker sores!… More Manuka Honey in the Fight against Canker Sores
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How Manuka Honey can help burns.

Honey is a truly amazing natural substance. Not only does it taste delicious and will complement any food but it can also help you on the outside too. We recently had a testimonial from a customer who was thrilled with how our manuka honey had helped: It was treated with Manuka Honey 5+ once/day on dressing.  ER told them… More How Manuka Honey can help burns.
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manuka honey hand creams

Manuka Honey Hand Creams

Soothe and restore your skin by getting back to nature with our active New Zealand Manuka honey everyday hand lotion! Our soft moisturizing botanical formula combined with the healing power of Manuka honey work their magic on hands and skin that are looking for a bit of pampering. By combining specialty blended botanical oils (Bamboo… More Manuka Honey Hand Creams
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Best way to Fight Colds and Coughs!

There is a reason you love our Lemon & Honey Lozenges and Cough Syrup, and why we here are Pacific Resources believe that natural and simple are the best for a healthy life style! Using the traditional cold formula of natural Lemon and combining it with New Zealand Active UMF Manuka honey with immune building… More Best way to Fight Colds and Coughs!
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5 Manuka Honey-Based Cosmetics You Need To Try

If you’re like us, we’re constantly finding new ways to incorporate Manuka Honey into our lives. Whether it be for eating, health, or beauty purposes, there always seems to be new and innovative ways to use New Zealand Manuka Honey! In our blog, we’ve written about countless ways to utilize Manuka Honey in DIY format, but for those who want to get the most out of Manuka Honey for beauty right about of the box, this blog’s for you!

Through our special relationships with unique New Zealand Manuka Honey producers, we are able to carry many products you wouldn’t otherwise be able to find in the United States. For example, Rata Honey is an award winning honey produced by the New Zealand Raw Honey Company that is super rare to find. However, as mentioned before, we were able to bring this rare honey to the states for our valued customers!

Another special relationship that PRI has is with Biohoney® NZ, a brand that provides ready-to-use cosmetics with MGO 300+ Manuka Honey from New Zealand. These products are all natural with rich, age-defying antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are perfect for your skincare routine. If you love Manuka Honey and you love skincare, these products are definitely worth a try!

Grapeseed Eye Cream with Manuka Honey

Biohoney® Grape Seed Eye Cream is a nutrient rich and yet light eye cream gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types. With all-natural ingredients and the power of Manuka Honey, this might become your favorite daily eye cream!

Featuring Grapeseed oil- packed with age-defying Vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids. Avocado oil adds even more skin loving ingredients and Manuka honey MGO 300+ helps nourish and restore damaged skin. 

Avocado and Rosehip Cream Cleanser

Biohoney® Avocado and Rosehip Cream Cleanser is a creamy and gentle cleanser that clears impurities while revitalizing your skin. High quality cleansers can be notoriously hard to find, especially with all-natural ingredients. Featuring nourishing Avocado oil, purifying Rosehip oil and Manuka honey to help repair and restore damaged skin.

High quality and all-natural cleansers can be notoriously difficult to find. This New Zealand product is a great cleanser option for all skin types and for those who love Manuka Honey!

Natural Vitamin E Cream

Rich in Vitamin E and collagen, the Biohoney® Natural Vitamin E Cream glides onto skin, restores moisture balance and deeply nourishes. High-Strength Manuka honey MGO 300+, with an abundance of skin-loving nutrients including Avocado oil, Apricot kernel oil and Evening primrose oil, helps to reveal healthier more youthful looking skin.

Crafted with specially curated ingredients, this Vitamin E cream will surely impress!

Natural Acne Cream

Biohoney® Natural Acne Cream helps treat acne naturally and promotes clearer, healthier skin. With the power of 20% high strength Manuka honey MGO 300+ and Manuka oil to aid the breakdown of acne causing sebum and apricot oil to soothe and replenish skin.

Choose Manuka Honey as your primary defense against acne blemishes!

Certified Organic Bee Venom Mask

Biohoney® Rejuvenating Bee Venom Mask is New Zealand’s only certified organic bee venom mask. This luxuriously rich bioactive mask contains powerful age-defying ingredients like bee venom and New Zealand Tree Fern extract to help reveal radiant more youthful skin, naturally.

Shop the entire line of Biohoney products here!

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3 DIY Oral Care Recipes for International Smile Day

3 DIY Oral Care Recipes for International Smile Day

Author: Stacy Karen

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”
– William Arthur Ward

Today is World Smile Day! 

Do you feel better when you smile? How about when someone flashes a genuine grin at you? 

With the need to wear masks while out and about this year, many of us have missed seeing each other smile. You don’t always know how much something as simple as a smile can impact you until it’s gone! 

Mask or no, keep smiling because it helps relieve stress and boost mood. Some suggest smiling can actually have a positive impact on blood pressure and the immune system. 

Giving and receiving smiles is good for the mind, body, and soul! 

I don’t know about you, but I am self-conscious about smiling when my teeth or mouth aren’t feeling up to par. This could be bad breath, yellowing teeth, or any other dental issue. I figure the best way to ensure I smile more is to practice good oral hygiene. 

I’d say many of you would agree!

Besides smiling, what better way to celebrate Smile Day than taking good care of our teeth?

To help us take care of our teeth and gums, I’ve created three simple recipes for you. Each of these can be made in a matter of minutes and provides wonderful all-natural mouth care without a side of toxic chemicals (which you’ll find in many dental products). 

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