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How Manuka Honey can help burns.

Honey is a truly amazing natural substance. Not only does it taste delicious and will complement any food but it can also help you on the outside too. We recently had a testimonial from a customer who was thrilled with how our manuka honey had helped:

It was treated with Manuka Honey 5+ once/day on dressing.  ER told them it would take 4-6 weeks to heal using silverdene.  This healed with no tenderness in 2 weeks. – Ruth Gingerich, CPNP;

This prompted us to do a little more research where we came upon more articles about how honey might be able to help repair skin damage after a burn:

From better nutrition

Natural Healers

Natural antibacterials, including aloe vera, propolis, calendula, and medicinal honey, can be applied after an initial cool soak to help heal minor burns. In the case of propolis, a cream was tested on burn patients against a prescription burn cream (silver sulfadiazine), at the University of Texas medical school. Both treatments prevented infection equally well, but patients treated with propolis suffered less inflammation and healed more quickly.

From The National Center for Biotechnology Information


The aim was to evaluate the effect of honey dressing and silver sulfadiazene (SSD) dressing on wound healing in burn patients.


Honey dressings make the wounds sterile in less time, enhance healing, and have a better outcome in terms of hypertropic scars and postburn contractures, as compared to SSD dressings.

We carry a Wound and Burn Dressing made from quality Manuka Honey from New Zealand. It comes in a handy tube and is ideal for topical use. Prefect for your first aid kit.

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