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Influenza don’t let it get you

The flu, we have all  had it and we certainly don’t want it. But time and time again our bodys’ immune system fails us and we find ourselves down and out with one or more these symptoms: fever, chills, muscle aches, runny nose, cough and stomach upsets. Maybe it was a coworker coughing in the corner, or your children brought it home from school, there is never really any sure fire way to tell where you got it from. But what you can do is help your body recover faster by using propolis, a natural bee product.

A study conducted with mice by Kai et al found that a specific flavanoid property of propolis, kaempferol, given orally during infection exhibited therapeutic efficacy in limiting influenza symptoms in mice. In another study Shimizu et al discovered that this effect of propolis is dose dependant. A dose of 10mg per kg of body weight was found to reduce weight loss in mice experiencing influenza (the flu) and an oral dose of 2mg per kg was found to prolong their survival times when the influenza virus was a particularly strong strain. Doses at 0.4mg per kg were found to be ineffective. Showing yet again the powerful effects of propolis and its antiviral capabilities in animal models.

If your wondering if mice models means that it will also work in humans then our minds must think alike. According to the Foundation for Biomedical Research95 percent of all lab animals are rats and mice. The reason for this is because their genetic, biological and behavior characteristics closely resemble those of humans. Not only this but scientists can also genetically alter mice to carry genes that are similar to those that cause human disease. Not to mention they take up only a small amount of lab space and are relatively easy to handle.

So yes using mice and rat in experiments can be translated into results that are useful in the treatment of people from diseases or infections such as the flu.

So next time you feel that flu coming grab your bottle of propolis and let it help rid your body of the nasty virus your loving family member may have passed on to you.



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