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PRI Propolis & Tea Tree Toothpaste (now with Xylitol)

PRI Propolis & Tea Tree Toothpaste (now with Xylitol)

PRI Propolis & Tea Tree Toothpaste (now with Xylitol)

Pacific Resources International natural propolis toothpaste combines two proven natural oral-hygiene products, Propolis and Tea Tree Oil in a unique family-favorite formulation. PRI Propolis Toothpaste has a refreshing low-foaming action that helps maintain healthy teeth and gums leaving teeth feeling clean and bright. Now with xylitol, which is one of the newest, easiest and tastiest ways to fight cavities!


Bee Propolis is a natural additive effective at reducing a variety of dental issues. Propolis helps eliminate bacteria build up and reduces inflammation.

Why Xylitol?

  • Delicious sweet taste… with no unpleasant aftertaste
  • Helps reduce the development of dental caries
  • Reduces plaque formation
  • Increases salivary flow to aid in the repair of damaged tooth enamel

The combination of the powerful bee propolis and the great tasting and cavity fighting xylitol creates the only dental care toothpaste you will ever need. Your smile will thank you!

Read more about Xylitol here.

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