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Biohoney Natural Skincare

All natural Manuka Honey skincare with rich, age-defying antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


Restore moisture balance.
Reveal healthier looking skin.

Naturally New Zealand

Nature provides natural ingredients with an abundance of healing and age-defying properties. The indigenous Mãori people of New Zealand have developed natural medicine over centuries, and we value this tradition.

Why Biohoney?

Ethically Sourced

We value bees and the vital part they play in the ecosystem.

Highly Active Manuka Honey

Each product contains a healthy dose of high active Manuka Honey

Naturally Crafted

Free of nasty synthetic chemicals that damage skin

Grape Seed Eye Cream

Biohoney® Grape Seed Eye Cream is an age-defying, nutrient rich and yet light eye cream gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types. Featuring Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil and Manuka Honey.

Avocado and Rosehip Cream Cleanser

Biohoney® Avocado and Rosehip Cream Cleanser is a creamy and gentle cleanser that clears impurities while revitalizing your skin. Featuring nourishing Avocado oil, purifying Rosehip oil and Manuka honey to help repair and restore damaged skin.

Natural Vitamin E Cream

Rich in Vitamin E and collagen, our Biohoney® Natural Vitamin E Cream glides onto skin, restores moisture balance and deeply nourishes. High-Strength Manuka honey MGO 300+, with an abundance of skin-loving nutrients including Avocado oil, Apricot kernel oil and Evening primrose oil, helps to reveal healthier more youthful looking skin.

Natural Acne Cream

Biohoney® Natural Acne Cream helps treat acne naturally and promotes clearer, healthier skin. With the power of 20% high strength Manuka honey MGO 300+ and Manuka oil to aid the breakdown of acne causing sebum and apricot oil to soothe and replenish skin.

Certified Organic Bee Venom Mask

Biohoney® Rejuvenating Bee Venom Mask is New Zealand’s only certified organic bee venom mask. This luxuriously rich bioactive mask contains powerful age-defying ingredients like bee venom and New Zealand Tree Fern extract to help reveal radiant more youthful skin, naturally.

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