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How To Read Your Test Results

How To Read Your Test Results

Introducing our new Manuka Honey labels! Featuring a clear MGO number on the front and a QR code on the lid, linking to the test results for that specific jar of Manuka Honey! Read on for how to read your test results so you know you’re getting genuine Manuka:

The independent labs that we work with are based all over New Zealand and Australia and the different labs send confirmations in a variety of layouts, which you may notice when purchasing different PRI Manuka honeys! 

However there are key points that you can look for when reading your batch certificate.  

  • Sample ID OR lab reference  - Your honey's batch number - This shows the report is for and the batch that your honey came from.
  • Manuka honey test results always show 4 key markers, but the two you really need to pay attention to are:
    • Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) - It gives Manuka Honey its antibacterial properties, the higher the concentration, the stronger the antibiotic effect. MG is derived from the compound DHA.
    • Methylglyoxal (MGO) - This compound is found in high concentration in the nectar of the Manuka Flower.
  • Your test result for PRI Manuka Honey will alway show these 2 markers, which confirm what you have purchased is active Manuka Honey. 
  • The activity marker that is used to determine the different strengths is the Methylglyoxal or MGO level. This is what can be seen on the front of our new labels or in our older labels it is stated on the left hand panel of the jar.
  • Your report will show a number in the line or column under or beside the MGO heading. For example if you have purchased our PRI Manuka 10+ or MGO 100+  you may see the following:
    • This batch tested at an MGO level of 149. 
    • Every batch varies and is rarely exactly MGO 100 and is why we always put the "+" .
    • In this example the honey in your jar will be at a minimum a MGO level of 100 but has actually tested higher. 


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