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Ice Cream Recipe Round-Up

Ice Cream Recipe Round-Up

Have you been celebrating National Ice Cream Month? It’s so easy to make your own, even if you don’t have an ice cream maker! Here are our top four recipes to keep you cool:

1 - Coffee Sweet Potato Nice Cream: We really think we cracked the code on this one. It honestly tastes JUST like regular ice cream except you could literally eat this every day for breakfast and feel great!

2 - Dairy-Free Spicy Mexican Chocolate Soft Serve: Because some like it hot AND sweet! Soft serve is even easier to make without any gadgets or constant stirring and this one is dairy free too!

3 - Patriotic Honey Pops: Okay, these are not technically ice cream but they are cold, delicious, and fun to make with the kids. 

4 - Honey Labneh Ice Cream with Leatherwood Honey: Created by our friends at Spoonabilites, this one does actually require an ice cream maker but…if you are an ice cream aficionado and want to impress your taste buds with a totally unique experience featuring one of the rarest kinds of honey in the world then this one is for you!

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