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CPL® Bee Propolis Extract

$ 13.99

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Normally used in nature by bees to secure their hives and protect it from infection, we‘ve taken that same power of propolis and made it a product fit for human health. Used in a variety of medical situations, humans may use our Propolis Extract as a homeopathic treatment or organic choice. 

Specialized for our health‘s defense system, this natural power is collected from the resin on our trees in New Zealand and then fortified and processed by honeybees in the most organic way. You can feel assured that you are getting the highest quality, active propolis because of the individual testing process that we hold here for each of our products at PRI.

Containing a healthy amount of proteins, amino acids, vitamins, trace minerals, and flavonoids, our pure propolis is a great supplement to add to your daily regimen.


  • Nothing artificial, no colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Water-based and alcohol-free

Connecting land, people, & purity of sourcing to health.

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