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nectar balm with bee venom cream

Nectar Balm with Manuka Honey & Bee Venom Cream

Nectar Balm with Manuka Honey and Bee Venom was developed for the external application on aches, pains and bruises. With its soft texture it can be gently massaged over tender areas that may be swollen due to sprains and strains. It can even help alleviate arthritic joint pain! Nectar Balm is composed of Nectar Ease, essential… More Nectar Balm with Manuka Honey & Bee Venom Cream
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Manuka Honey Could Halt Growth of Cancer Cells

For many years Manuka Honey has been known for its antibacterial properties, but its properties have never been studied for cancer research. Until now, UAE University conducted an over five year study where they researched the effects of cancer cells when they were tested with Manuka Honey. A UAE University official said, “Though the honey,… More Manuka Honey Could Halt Growth of Cancer Cells
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China’s Demand for Manuka Honey

The popularity of Manuka Honey has reached new levels for the native New Zealand honey. Manuka Honey has become a favorite in China. China’s high demand for Manuka Honey is driving up the production for the Manuka Honey industry. According to Justin Bergman, “When Peter Molan, a now-retired scientist and academic in New Zealand, began researching the… More China’s Demand for Manuka Honey
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Mossop’s Honey Shoppe

Mossop’s Honey is a leading Manuka Honey producer form New Zealand. “The owners Neil & Wendy are involved in all aspects of honey production, giving them control over the quality and flavor of the honey, ‘From the hive to the Honey Pot.’” Watch to learn more about them.  Filed under: News Tagged: manuka honey, mossop's honey,… More Mossop’s Honey Shoppe
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Dark Chocolate Manuka Honey Mints!

Are you still searching for inspiration for the holidays, then look no further than our delicious Dark Chocolate Manuka Honey Mints. An ideal after dinner mint as well as a great stocking stuffer. A delicious treat that’s good for you too…. dark chocolate manuka honey mints. The chocolates are made by wrapping dark chocolate around the finest New Zealand… More Dark Chocolate Manuka Honey Mints!
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Dark Chocolate Manuka Honey Mints

Have you seen our all new, all natural Dark Chocolate Active Manuka Honey Mints that can help boost your digestive tracts in a tasty way? We are showcasing the Dark Chocolate Active Manuka Mints at upcoming shows, Natural Product Expo West and Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. Our award winning chocolates are made by… More Dark Chocolate Manuka Honey Mints
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Manuka Honey Starter Kit

5 Manuka Honey Products for Newbies

Have you ever wondered what Manuka Honey is? Or, is this the first time you are going to purchase a Manuka honey jar? If yes, we want to help you on your first experience with Manuka Honey. We will be assisting  you with the things you need to know about manuka honey starting from the basics.

What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is formed by the bees that pollinate the manuka bush that is local in Australia and New Zealand. Since ancient times, Manuka Honey is known to treat several health conditions. It was also discovered to have antibacterial qualities and anti- inflammatory components that can immediately ease pain and inflammation.

Uses of Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey has been known to give a lot of healthy goodness and some of these are:

  • Helps in Wound Healing
  • Enhances Oral Health
  • Ease a Sore Throat
  • Help Prevent Gastric Ulcers
  • Treat Acne

Manuka Honey Products for Starters

It’s time to explore your inner bee-ing and try out Pacific Resources International’s Manuka Starter Kit- Manuka healthy goodness all in a box.

Manuka Honey 5+ - is guaranteed to have a MG rating over 60+ mg/kg. This is great with your morning tea, coffee, or toast. You can also take 2-3 tbsp per day to experience immune system boost.

Manuka Honey Nuggets- a healthy treat for children of all ages. It contains Manuka Honey 5+ from New Zealand and made with organic ingredients, no other additives.This is gluten free and great for sweet tooth cravings, as well as to sweeten a favourite hot beverage.

Salted Manuka Honey Caramels- These honey caramels are a special treat made from a combination of Manuka Honey,  Organic Flaky Salt, real butter and vanilla. A perfect healthy delight. 

Manuka Honey Sticks- Give your immune system an extra boost by enjoying a manuka honey stick, your daily dose of Manuka Honey. Top it on your tea, coffee or into your morning yogurt. Great for people who are always on the go and perfect for kid’s lunch boxes.

Manuka Honey Lip Balm- a unique and all organic lip balm formulated with the healing power of Manuka honey.





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salted manuka honey caramels

Salted Manuka Honey Caramels

Salted Manuka Honey Caramels– Sweet treats that are good for you! Pacific Resources is excited to introduce a new treat to the PRI Manuka Honey Candies, The Salted Manuka Honey Caramels. These salted caramels are the only caramels made with Manuka Honey and Pacific Sea Salt harvested from the clean oceans surrounding New Zealand. PRI’s mouthwatering… More Salted Manuka Honey Caramels
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manuka activity

Bee Informed: The Definitive Guide To Rating Manuka Honey


This blog article is intended to give clarity to consumers that they are buying certified Manuka Honey that contains antibacterial properties. Mark Twain once penned, “There are lies, damn lies, and statistics!” Too often slick marketers confuse consumers through misdirection – and that includes manipulating the grading systems of Manuka Honey.

But First, Why Manuka Honey Is So Unique

Manuka Honey is sought after because it contains antibacterial activity. All honey starts out with these properties but when it is heated for pasteurization, the heat severely degrades the hydrogen peroxide inherent in honey and therefore degrades the antibacterial honey – but Manuka Honey still displays antibacterial properties even after pasteurization!

However, NOT all “marketed” Manuka Honey has these antibacterial properties, hence the creation of a grading system that measures the active ingredient methylglyoxal (MGO) responsible for these properties. Numbers can be misleading – it’s not always the higher the number the better the honey – it’s about the medicinal properties the honey contains and what grading system is used. For example, a UMF 10+ factor is much better than a KFactor 22 as explained below.

The Four Most Common Grading Systems and Which Are Best

  • UMF 10+ (Unique Manuka Factor) – this grading is run by the reputable UMF Honey Association and is considered the gold standard by New Zealand as the most reliable grading method for non- peroxide activity (NPA) and purity.

Pacific Resources International (PRI) uses the UMF grading system for its UMF product range of Manuka Honey. The PRI Manuka range is tested for the combined peroxide (PA) and non-peroxide (NPA) activity. This range generally has a lower UMF rating so is not rated as UMF but still very effective. Independent lab tests are available for every jar of honey.

  • KFactor 22 – this grading system was created and used exclusively by one Manuka Honey supplier. It is misleading in that their grading system (for marketing purposes) measures purity, NOT the antibacterial properties.
  • Bio Active 24+ – Other companies use grading systems labeled ‘active’ or ‘bio-active’; these are misleading and do not contain significant quantities of antibacterial activity and may not be 100% Manuka.
  • MGS – The Molan Gold Standard (MGS) was created by Dr. Peter Molan, the New Zealand scientist who originally discovered the antibacterial activity of Manuka Honey.

The Bottom Line – Bee Informed

Look for a product with the label designation of UMF Manuka Honey and MGS. Third party independent testing and verification ensure the quality of the honey that’s in the bottle will match or exceed what’s on the label.

You deserve the best and have confidence that you are buying the highest quality of Manuka Honey from New Zealand.


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Australian Manuka Honey

Australian Manuka Honey


Introducing PRI’s New Australian Manuka Honey!

Manuka Honey is collected with care from the down under native Manuka trees in Australia. Australia has over 80 Manuka species within it’s native remote forests, including the same native Leptospermum scoparium species that is found in New Zealand. This diverse environment allows for the highest quality Manuka Honey production. Pacific Resources imports this pure raw honey directly from the Australian suppliers who take pride in producing only the highest quality products.

  • Harvested in the remote native forests of Australia since 1831
  • Every jar is packed in Australia under strict guidelines
  • Cool processed to retain all the natural properties of raw honey
  • Contains special antibacterial properties unique to Manuka Honey: referred to as NPA or Non Peroxide Activity.
  • Manuka Honey has been shown to be especially beneficial when taken internally or used topically on ulcers or burns

Manuka Honey is the only honey found so far that exhibits non-peroxide activity, or NPA. This is thought to be due to Methylglyoxal (MG), a unique compound found within Manuka Honey.This makes the honey a powerful digestive aid, assisting with allergies and immune defense. It is a potent anti-bacterial agent when used topically for minor wounds and burns. It is also heat tolerant, enabling it to reach your digestive system without losing any of its beneficial properties.

You can find the New Collection of Australian Manuka Honey only at Shoppri.com

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Bee Fit With Manuka Honey

BEE Fit with Manuka Honey



Energy Gels are the latest rage for endurance athletes and weekend warriors that want to get better overall performance including increased energy, extra calories and replenishing electrolytes. However, these energy gels contain processed ingredients; so the savvy and more health-conscious athletes look for more natural alternatives (and better tasting).


Novak Djokovic Is an Advocate in His Training Regime


More and more sports enthusiasts are turning to Manuka Honey as that natural energy boost as a natural carbohydrate. Look no further than Novak Djokovic, a world-class tennis player who consumes two spoonfuls of New Zealand Manuka Honey every day to help increase his endurance and is prized for its well-known antibacterial properties.

As Novak stated“I know what you’re thinking: Honey is sugar. Well, yes, it is. But your body needs sugar. In particular, it needs fructose, the sugar found in fruits, some vegetables, and especially honey. What it doesn’t need is processed sucrose, the stuff in chocolate, soda, or most energy drinks that gives you an instant sugar shot in the body, where you feel like “Wow!” I don’t like “wow.” “Wow” is no good. If you have “wow” now, that means in thirty minutes you’re going to have “woe.”

Manuka Honey Lozenges – Doing Double Duty

As an added benefit, PRI’s award-winning Manuka Honey Lozenges can soothe a sore throat when athletes have to deal with running in cold weather. Not only do these lozenges work as well as energy gels, they taste a lot better! In fact, the flavor of Manuka Honey is rich and smooth with the right balance of sweetness.

The Product of Choice for Sports Nutritionists

Honey is a natural form of energy, free of stimulants and artificial ingredients. Sports nutritionists have for decades recommended honey for training and competition. It is packed with carbohydrates – with fast release glucose and slower release fructose – it is ideal for providing athletes with sustained fuel. And while taking Manuka Honey that is antioxidant-rich, it protects the bloodstream and nourishes cells. And perhaps equally impressive, honey does not interfere with the digestive system and removes discomfort associated with artificial sweeteners.

The Final Analysis

The final takeaway is that science is catching up to what we all have known – Manuka Honey is fit for an athlete and those wanting the best in nutrition.

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oral hygiene

Biofilms Defeated By Manuka Honey

biofilm-smBiofilms, biofilms can be found in any area of the body however recently there has been an important trend in microbial dental research towards ways to get rid of the biofilms that cause dental plaque. Biofilm dental plaque is complex and contains an estimated 700 bacterial species. These groups of microorganisms stick to each other, adhere to the surfaces of teeth and are 1000x more resistant than general bacteria to antimicrobial therapies. In view of the ineffectiveness of conventional oral biofilm eradication new treatments inspired by nature have gained interest. Recent studies have found that the bioactivity of manuka works effectively against the formation of oral biofilms in specific concentrations. In a study comparing New Zealand’s manuka’s activity against other floral honeys it was found that a 10% concentration or 50-500μg.ml of manuka honey was able to affect the formation of the biofilm S. mutans in experimental conditions. This is believed to be due to the non-peroxide activity caused by the presence of phytochemicals and methylglyoxal. This novel information gives manuka honey another star in excellence as future studies are set up with clinical trials to bring it into mainstream.

Check out Pacific Resources International for access to New Zealand’s pure Manuka honey and products.



Badet, C., Quero, F., (2011). The in vitro effect of manuka honeys on growth and adherence of oral bacteria. Anerobe. Vol. 17 pages 19-22

Karygianni, L., Al-Ahmad, A., Argyropoulou, A., Hellwig, E., Anderson, A. C., & Skaltsounis, A. L. (2015). Natural Antimicrobials and Oral Microorganisms: A Systematic Review on Herbal Interventions for the Eradication of Multispecies Oral Biofilms. Frontiers in Microbiology6, 1529. http://doi.org.ezproxy.massey.ac.nz/10.3389/fmicb.2015.01529
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