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nectar balm with bee venom cream

Nectar Balm with Manuka Honey & Bee Venom Cream

Nectar Balm with Manuka Honey and Bee Venom was developed for the external application on aches, pains and bruises. With its soft texture it can be gently massaged over tender areas that may be swollen due to sprains and strains. It can even help alleviate arthritic joint pain!

Nectar Balm is composed of Nectar Ease, essential and cold-pressed oils allowing the balm to be rapidly absorbed into the skin.

Initially there was a demand for a topical cream for people with diabetes or taking medication that excluded them from enjoying the benefits of Nectar Ease. As it turns out Nectar Balm’s benefits have been much wider than what the initial demand called for. Nectar Balm also meets the needs of people with active lifestyles and those in occupations that make demands on the muscles, joints and ligaments. It is widely used by people who have very localized arthritic pain and those who occasionally experience “breakthrough” pain, a common occurrence with many arthritic patients. It is a product that should be in everybody’s medicine cabinets!

The top quality cream will not dry the skin but rather keeps it moist and acts like a deep heat. A little goes a long way making Nectar Balm a very economical and pleasant way to ease pain. Whether you have overdone it at the gym, in the garden, or they just ache from a bad night’s sleep reach for Nectar Balm a bee venom and Manuka honey cream that delivers fast and effective relief.

Visit shoppri.com to purchase your Nectar Balm to begin the muscle and joint relief today. A 100 g jar of Nectar Balm is a ‘must have’ balm and an essential part of any first-aid kit.


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