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fiji fire

11 Ways To Taste The Heat With Fiji Fire Hot Sauce


“Ni sa bula vinaka” – A warm hello!

Pacific Resources is proud to introduce a new Chili Sauce from Fiji!

Fiji Fire hot sauce pays tribute to the legendary Fijian Fire Walkers of Beqa Island. We use the native Fijian Bongo Chili with a Scoville rating of 400,000!

Batch crafted along with wild Viti Levu turmeric creates a perfect blend of heat and flavor.

Here are some Hot suggestions to taste the heat of Fiji’s Original Hot Sauce

  1. Fold into scrambled eggs — Add a few drops of Fiji Fire to your eggs in the morning. The heat will sure wake you up!
  2. Add to your sauces — Spice up those dull sauces with a little Fiji Fire
  3. Add to your margaritas — It’s holiday time! Bring on the Margaritas, but don’t forget to add a little something special!
  4. Add to your salsa dip — Warn up that salsa by adding a few drops of Fiji Fire
  5. Add to your guacamole — Best combo ever, Avo with Fiji Fire!
  6. Add to your French fries — Spice those puppies up, your holiday guests will love you for it!
  7. Put a dash of Fiji Fire into ribs — Nothing tastes better than spicy ribs!
  8. Don’t forget the Fiji Fire — Add to a vinaigrette for a salad, or create a Thousand Island dressing with ketchup and mayo.
  9. Add a bit of Fiji Fire bang to your burger.
  10. Add to your chili cookout — A great treat for those of you watching sports
  11. Add a little to your turkey roast — Have a Hot Thanksgiving with Fiji Fire.