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fiji fire

11 Ways To Taste The Heat With Fiji Fire Hot Sauce


“Ni sa bula vinaka” – A warm hello!

Pacific Resources is proud to introduce a new Chili Sauce from Fiji!

Fiji Fire hot sauce pays tribute to the legendary Fijian Fire Walkers of Beqa Island. We use the native Fijian Bongo Chili with a Scoville rating of 400,000!

Batch crafted along with wild Viti Levu turmeric creates a perfect blend of heat and flavor.

Here are some Hot suggestions to taste the heat of Fiji’s Original Hot Sauce

  1. Fold into scrambled eggs — Add a few drops of Fiji Fire to your eggs in the morning. The heat will sure wake you up!
  2. Add to your sauces — Spice up those dull sauces with a little Fiji Fire
  3. Add to your margaritas — It’s holiday time! Bring on the Margaritas, but don’t forget to add a little something special!
  4. Add to your salsa dip — Warn up that salsa by adding a few drops of Fiji Fire
  5. Add to your guacamole — Best combo ever, Avo with Fiji Fire!
  6. Add to your French fries — Spice those puppies up, your holiday guests will love you for it!
  7. Put a dash of Fiji Fire into ribs — Nothing tastes better than spicy ribs!
  8. Don’t forget the Fiji Fire — Add to a vinaigrette for a salad, or create a Thousand Island dressing with ketchup and mayo.
  9. Add a bit of Fiji Fire bang to your burger.
  10. Add to your chili cookout — A great treat for those of you watching sports
  11. Add a little to your turkey roast — Have a Hot Thanksgiving with Fiji Fire.
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Pacific Sea Salt

Health Food Myths: Sea Salt

Health trends for food are constantly changing. Foods that were once safe for us to consume later result in being harmful to our health. We have two examples of foods we are consistently being warned to stay away from due to their negative health stigma. Let’s uncover the myth behind each health trend. Egg Whites Are Better… More Health Food Myths: Sea Salt
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fancy salt

BBQ Sea Salt Collection

Introducing the latest addition to the PRI Pacific Sea Salt, the Chipotle BBQ Sea Salt. It’s New Zealand meets Louisiana BBQ! Our Chipotle BBQ Sea Salt 2.5 oz is the finest, naturally dried sea salt combined with a unique Louisiana BBQ formula from a special family blend of herbs and spices for a unique southern BBQ taste.… More BBQ Sea Salt Collection
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The Salty Facts

So, you’ve probably heard by now that there are different types of salt out there and if you haven’t you’ve been missing out! Unfortunately, salt is consumed in quantities in excess of what we need on a day-to-day basis but it has been found to be good sources of other trace minerals* that our bodies… More The Salty Facts
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flaky sea salt

A Delicacy, Flaky Salt




BioGroAlthough flaky salt appears to be a new product with all the recent advertising and marketing by famous chiefs, Gordon Ramsay for example, it really isn’t. The production of flaky salt is an age-old process that has been used for centuries and dates back to 1882. The first producer of flaky salt was The Maldon Salt Company founded in the UK. Flaky salt is a unique 3-dimensional crystal, which is produced by being slowly evaporated in an open pan. The company introduced this delicate salt to the world, where the epicurean palate for flavor, soft texture and versatility has prized its use in fine cuisine. Flaky salt’s popularity spread to other regions of the world and in 1942 a man named George Skellerup started a company called Dominion Salt located at Lake Grassmere near Blenheim on the South Island of New Zealand. salt pilesHere the seawater contains 2.5 percent sodium chloride and up to 70,000 tones of this salt is harvested from the lake each year. This is done by pumping seawater from the clear clean New Zealand ocean into the lake and using solar evaporation (the sun) to extracted the salt from the water. The snowy stacks­­ of salt have become a landmark along the Blenheim – Christchurch highway, as they are readily visible by day and night. Dominion salt produces their flaky salt under New Zealand’s BioGrow certification standard which means that the water from which it is harvested is tested for contaminates. Unlike many other salts this salt can be registered as organic due to the rigorous testing required under the BioGro certification of the water from which it is produced. So don’t miss out on this magical culinary additive and get some BioGro Flaky Sea Salt  from New Zealand, imported by Pacific Resources International and sold throughout the United States.

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FIJI fire

Deliciously Hot Fiji Fire Chilli Sauce

Have you been looking for a delicious hot sauce that can spice up pretty much everything? Look no more because we are bringing you the FIJI FIRE CHILLI HOT SAUCE

Fiji Fire Chilli Hot Sauce was first grown in Fiji and is sweeter and tangier than the usual habanero. The chili in the sauce is distinct and creates a wonderful balance between all the other ingredients such as naturally brewed vinegar, fresh Fijian Bongo chillies, sweet carrots, wild Fijian turmeric, Tasman Sea Salt. This sauce perfectly allows the tanginess of the Bongo chilli to shine through, making it a feel -good sauce.

FIJI FIRE hot sauce pays tribute to the legendary Fijian Fire FireWalkers of Beqa Island by using the native Fijian Bongo Chilli with a Scoville rating of 400,000! A Scoville rating is a measurement of the spiciness of the chilli peppers, as recorded in Scoville Heat Units (SHU). [1]

FIJI FIRE is located on the big island of Fiji, Viti Levu. It is here where Pacific Resources International sources the best ingredients of its FIJI FIRE HOT Sauce, letting you enjoy the freshest, premium ingredients. 

Purchase a FIJI Fire Chilli Hot Sauce now and enjoy the weekend having a BBQ with a chilli sauce on the side and some corn chips too!

Here's a link to a recipe with FIJI Fire that you'll surely love!: https://www.shoppri.com/blogs/news/homemade-manuka-honey-bbq-rub



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Mesquite, a tasty and healthy seasoning

Mesquite, a tasty and healthy seasoning

Mesquite, what do we know about it? It’s a tree; it grows in arid regions of the world and using it to smoke meat results in a deliciously flavored meal. But how did we discover this bad boy and does it have any other benefits? Well let me tell you. Mesquite is actually a member… More Mesquite, a tasty and healthy seasoning
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pacific sea salts

Pacific Sea Salt Facts That Will Surprise You!



Did you know that Pacific Sea Salt undergoes an evaporation process to separate the salt from the water?

Sea salt is different from refined table salt. It contains a variety of minerals that play a key role in keeping the body’s electrolytes in balance.

What are the benefits of sea salt?

Pacific Sea Salt contains vital minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, among other beneficial elements. Sea Salt is essential for sustaining the hydration levels of the body. It’s also vital for electrolyte balance.

Want to know how much salt to add in a recipe?

Add 1-2 teaspoons of salt per pound of raw meat before cooking. For each pound of vegetables, add approximately 1 teaspoon of salt. If cooking anything less than a pound only add a small pinch! Each quart of water (4 cups) used to cook pasta requires 1-2 tablespoons of salt.

How does salt kill bacteria?

Salt kills bacteria by drying them out. Salty solutions can draw water out of bacteria and dehydrate them. This makes them unable to reproduce.

What is the difference between Pacific Sea Salt and Table alt?

The main differences between sea salt and table salt are in taste, texture, and processing. Sea salt is produced through evaporation of ocean water or saltwater lakes, with little processing.

What can sea salt be used for?

Salt helps to cleanse pores, balance oil production and fight off bacteria. it may avoid breakouts and acne. Dissolve one teaspoon sea salt with four ounces of warm water in small spray bottle. Mist on clean, dry skin, avoiding eyes. Use daily or twice daily.

A Salty Conclusion

The human body needs salt but it also doesn’t need additional pollutants. So when you want to season your food, consider using only Pacific Sea Salt and, in particular, salt from New Zealand, which is surrounded by the most pristine ocean in the world.

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Flaky Sea Salts

Seasoned with Flaky Sea Salt

Seasoned with Flaky Sea Salt

If you love watching cooking shows, the phrase “season with salt and pepper” is surely familiar to you. Seasoning is about adding a dimension and appeal to your food. It is about consistency above all else.  It’s the simplest way to put flavors in your recipe and a pinch of salt can have a big impact on the taste of your favorite food.

The best salt to cook is the one you cook most often. Salt makes the food salty, but it’s also a mineral and an important nutrient. Although there is a wide variety of salts to choose from, do you know that Flaky Sea Salt by far has the cleanest salt flavor? Flaky Sea Salt is known as the sugar of the salt world.  It can be used in almost everything, from vegetables to salted chocolate caramels and even in oatmeal too!

Flaky Salts are snow-white, pyramid-shaped crystals harvested from the clean oceans around New Zealand. It undergoes a quick drying process usually on a conveyor belt using clean sea water producing the most flavorful salt flakes. 

Pacific Resources International offers you the perfect Flaky Sea Salt, produced naturally with no additives, Kosher certified and approved by BioGro New Zealand.

Enjoy a very light textured salt with a delicate flavor. Perfect for salads, baking and French fries too!



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biogro organic

Think Organic, Think BioGro

biogroAnyone can claim their product is organic, fair-trade and ecologically sustainable however, the label “organic” in Europe, Japan, USA, and Canada is protected by law. In New Zealand there are no laws protecting the label organic so anyone can use this terminology. Although labeling laws are changing rapidly the only way to be sure is to look for the BioGro certification to guarantee that the organic products are genuine. . BioGro is the largest and most well known organic certifier in New Zealand. They have provided organic certification to over 600 producers, farmers and manufactures within New Zealand and the Pacific allowing for $215-225 million dollars per year to be made in organic export. The BioGro logo guarantees that the product is not only made without animal testing but is also not genetically engineered or sprayed routinely with pesticides. But why choose to go organic? Organic farming is a holistic style of farming where not only is the product pesticide free but the environment in which it is grown is also taken care of. It is a sustainable farming practice that will not damage the earth in the long run. Leaving the soil balanced and alive instead of dead and with unbalanced. The key principals to organic farming include: encouraging and enhancing biological cycles, maintaining and improving long term soil structure and fertility, practicing humane management of livestock, maintaining genetic diversity, cycling organic matter and nutrients within a production system, minimizing all forms of pollution, adopting an integrated management system for soil, crops and the environment for weed, pest and disease control and aiming to produce food of high nutritional quality. All of these are guaranteed with the BioGro certification. BioGro is also internationally accredited and is used in different countries. Guaranteeing the sustainability of products far and wide. Check out the BioGro certified Sea Salt imported by Pacific Resources International. Not only is their sea salt sun dried and pure, it’s the first salt to be issued an organic certification.



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