FIJI fire

Deliciously Hot Fiji Fire Chilli Sauce

July 29 2020
Have you been looking for a delicious hot sauce that can spice up pretty much everything? Look no...
Flaky Sea Salts

Seasoned with Flaky Sea Salt

July 21 2020
Seasoned with Flaky Sea Salt If you love watching cooking shows, the phrase “season with salt and...
biogro organic

Think Organic, Think BioGro

June 12 2020
Anyone can claim their product is organic, fair-trade and ecologically sustainable however, the l...
flaky sea salt

A Delicacy, Flaky Salt

June 12 2020
      Although flaky salt appears to be a new product with all the recent advertising and marketi...
fiji fire

11 Ways To Taste The Heat With Fiji Fire Hot Sauce

May 1 2020
  “Ni sa bula vinaka” – A warm hello! Pacific Resources is proud to introduce a new Chili Sauce f...
pacific sea salts

Pacific Sea Salt Facts That Will Surprise You!

April 27 2020
    Did you know that Pacific Sea Salt undergoes an evaporation process to separate the salt from...
Mesquite, a tasty and healthy seasoning

Mesquite, a tasty and healthy seasoning

July 5 2016
Mesquite, what do we know about it? It’s a tree; it grows in arid regions of the world and using it to smoke meat results in a deliciously flavored meal. But how did we discover this bad boy and does it have any other benefits? Well let me tell you. Mesquite is actually a member… More Mesquite, a tasty and healthy seasoning
fancy salt

BBQ Sea Salt Collection

January 28 2016
Introducing the latest addition to the PRI Pacific Sea Salt, the Chipotle BBQ Sea Salt. It’s New Zealand meets Louisiana BBQ! Our Chipotle BBQ Sea Salt 2.5 oz is the finest, naturally dried sea salt combined with a unique Louisiana BBQ formula from a special family blend of herbs and spices for a unique southern BBQ taste.… More BBQ Sea Salt Collection
Pacific Sea Salt

Health Food Myths: Sea Salt

November 19 2015
Health trends for food are constantly changing. Foods that were once safe for us to consume later result in being harmful to our health. We have two examples of foods we are consistently being warned to stay away from due to their negative health stigma. Let’s uncover the myth behind each health trend. Egg Whites Are Better… More Health Food Myths: Sea Salt

The Salty Facts

August 17 2015
So, you’ve probably heard by now that there are different types of salt out there and if you haven’t you’ve been missing out! Unfortunately, salt is consumed in quantities in excess of what we need on a day-to-day basis but it has been found to be good sources of other trace minerals* that our bodies… More The Salty Facts