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New Zealand Multiflora Honey

$ 19.54 $ 22.99

 With a distinctive blend of pure, GM-free honey, we at PRI, have sourced our natural ingredients from New Zealand’s clean and green forests and pastures. Our Multiflora Honey is naturally processed using state-of-the-art equipment and a world-renowned “creamed” honey technique to create a honey with a beautifully smooth texture.

To help retain all of its natural properties, our honey is kept in its raw state and cool-processed, packaged, and delivered to your door.

Our Multiflora Honey is naturally produced by honeybees, from the flora in the forests of New Zealand by our high-quality local beekeepers. The honeybees feed on multiple springtime flowers, giving the honey a pleasant aromatic aroma, creamy appearance, and unique flavor, due to the variety of nectar.

The Multiflora Honey comes in a 1.1, 2.2. and 4.4 lb. sizes. Contains no additives or preservatives.


  •     Great with your morning tea, coffee, or toast.
  •     Multi-floral flavor with a variety of flower nectar
  •     Certified kosher and 100% Raw Honey
  •     Contains NO additives or preservatives
  •     Retains all the natural trace elements

Connecting land, people, & purity of sourcing to health.

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