New Zealand Multiflora Honey

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Multi flora Honey
Multi flora Honey
Multi flora Honey

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With a distinctive blend of pure, GM-free honey, we at PRI, have sourced our natural ingredients from New Zealand’s clean and green forests and pastures. Our Multiflora Honey is naturally processed using state-of-the-art equipment and a world-renowned “creamed” honey technique to create a honey with a beautifully smooth texture.

To help retain all of its natural properties, our honey is then kept in its raw state and cool-processed, packaged, and delivered to your door.

Our Multiflora Honey is naturally produced by honeybees, found in the forests of New Zealand by our high-quality local beekeepers. The honeybees that contribute to the all-natural process feed on multiple springtime flowers, giving the honey a pleasant aromatic aroma, creamy appearance, and unique flavor, due to the variety of flower nectar.

At PRI, we use sustainable, traditional, yet innovative methods to bottle nature‘s finest. We want to preserve the balance of this natural mineral and package the best New Zealand‘s forests have to offer.

The Multiflora Honey comes in a 1.1 lb jar and contains no additives and or preservatives.


  •     Great with your morning tea, coffee, or toast.
  •     Multi-floral flavor with a variety of flower nectar
  •     Certified kosher and 100% Raw Honey
  •     Contains NO additives or preservatives
  •     Retains all the natural trace elements

Multi flora Honey
Multi flora Honey
Multi flora Honey