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Flaky Sea Salts

Seasoned with Flaky Sea Salt

Seasoned with Flaky Sea Salt

If you love watching cooking shows, the phrase “season with salt and pepper” is surely familiar to you. Seasoning is about adding a dimension and appeal to your food. It is about consistency above all else.  It’s the simplest way to put flavors in your recipe and a pinch of salt can have a big impact on the taste of your favorite food.

The best salt to cook is the one you cook most often. Salt makes the food salty, but it’s also a mineral and an important nutrient. Although there is a wide variety of salts to choose from, do you know that Flaky Sea Salt by far has the cleanest salt flavor? Flaky Sea Salt is known as the sugar of the salt world.  It can be used in almost everything, from vegetables to salted chocolate caramels and even in oatmeal too!

Flaky Salts are snow-white, pyramid-shaped crystals harvested from the clean oceans around New Zealand. It undergoes a quick drying process usually on a conveyor belt using clean sea water producing the most flavorful salt flakes. 

Pacific Resources International offers you the perfect Flaky Sea Salt, produced naturally with no additives, Kosher certified and approved by BioGro New Zealand.

Enjoy a very light textured salt with a delicate flavor. Perfect for salads, baking and French fries too!