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Roadtrip Round-Up: 5 Fun & Healthy Snacks for Your Next Adventure

Roadtrip Round-Up: 5 Fun & Healthy Snacks for Your Next Adventure

It’s Summertime, and for many, that means hitting the road to go forth and see new sites! Did you know the United States boasts over 6,000 state and 400 national parks?! In California alone, we have the most state and national parks. Choosing our adventures with so many fantastic options can be pretty challenging!

Of course, the journey is just as important as the destination, if not more so. The more cool places we can stop along the way, the better. Our favorite hot spots to look for are natural hot springs and random kitschy roadside attractions. What do you take a detour for? 

Whether your drive takes you to a rustic campsite or a world-class hotel, there are two universally necessary things one needs for a road trip: 

  1. Gas (boo)
  2. Snacks (yay!)

And, while road trips are the perfect time to load up on your favorite but not-so-nourishing bites, we have five snack recipes that are delectable, easy to make, and will help provide sustained energy and some beneficial fibers to help break down those spicy Cheetos. No judgment here, only a friendly reminder to bring some Wet Wipes 😘#cheetofingers

So, on to the recipes!

1. Healthy Cooke-Dough Bites: Edible cookie dough, but make it portable and full of protein ✔️Easy to make free of the top allergens & customize too! 

2. PB & Honey Cereal Bars: Just 10 minutes of effort and a few nourishing, basic ingredients make these the perfect companion to your adventure. Add a banana for a quick breakfast on the go! 

3. Air-Fryer Shittake Jerky: A quintessential road trip and outdoor snack made vegetarian! If you haven’t tried mushroom jerky yet, you must not be such a fungi 🍄😉J/k, but seriously, you’re missing out, so try it already. 

4. Customizable Apple Cookies: This one is great at a rest stop. It lets you give the kids options, and no ingredients require refrigeration. We recommend cutting the apples before you go to make it even easier!

5. Honey Roasted Granola: Can you get more outdoor eating friendly than granola? It can be a snack or a meal, doesn’t need to go in the cooler, can be made in huge batches, and is easily customized to your needs and dietary restrictions. We love using sprouted seeds because they don’t just have more fiber but more insoluble fiber, making them an excellent prebiotic. Additionally, sprouting makes the seeds easier to digest and allows for better absorption of nutrients. 

Bonus Snacks: If you want to add pre-made snacks or treats the whole family will love, we have you covered! 

1 - Honey Sticks. Packed with natural energy and immune-boosting properties, our manuka honey sticks come in plain and Lemon Twist flavors. Pack them as snacks and in your First Aid Kit to treat bites, scrapes, stings, and burns!

2 - Nuggets. Hard candy with the added benefit of manuka honey! Great for when you need a little sweet treat in a pinch and consistently one of our top three sellers. They come in three flavors: plain, lemon, and ginger. 

 3 - Throat Soothing Lollipops. A treat that is also beneficial! Our lollipops harness the power of manuka honey and propolis to ease the dry throats and allergy symptoms you may experience outdoors. 

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