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Manuka Vs Influenza

Manuka Vs Influenza

Ditch the side effects for a dose of nature

Dreaming of hot chocolate, cozy fires & even cozier slippers…hopefully minus the sore throats, congestion, coughs and fevers that seem to also come along with the colder weather.

Unfortunately, the most common drug class for OTC cold & flu remedies including products such as Tamiflu contain questionable ingredients and around TEN common side effects ranging from nausea and vomiting to mood changes! 

Luckily for us all, nature already has the answer and more and more studies are being done to prove it. A recent study published in the Archives of Medical Research titled, “Anti-influenza Viral Effects of Honey In Vitro: Potent High Activity of Manuka Honey,” tested several different types of honey on the common H1N1 influenza strain. Researchers that conducted the study stated: “In conclusion, the results obtained showed that honey, in general, and particularly manuka honey, has potent inhibitory activity against influenza virus, demonstrating a possible medicinal value. Further investigations are required to identify the active antiviral components in Manuka honey and to determine its synergistic effects with known antiviral drugs.”

The study also showed that when manuka honey was added to the use of OTC medications, manuka significantly increased the antiviral effectiveness of both compounds. This might be necessary especially in extreme cases and is important to note. 

Manuka honey has been shown to increase the release of Cytokines, especially during an inflammatory response. Cytokines help white blood cells identify and eliminate damaged or infected tissues. 

If you are having a particularly sore throat or upper respiratory issues, physicians from Oxford University's Medical School and Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences analyzed existing evidence to see how honey affects the symptoms of URTIs. Concluding, in the article in the journal BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine "Honey was superior to usual care for the improvement of symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections,” also stating "Since the majority of URTIs are viral, antibiotic prescription is both ineffective and inappropriate. However, a lack of effective alternatives, as well as a desire to preserve the patient-doctor relationship, both contribute to antibiotic over prescription."*

It’s easy to incorporate manuka into your care routine. Fun fact about manuka is that when its heated, the MGO, or active component in manuka, is not killed so you can add it to your tea! If you prefer a cold treat when ill, check out our Throat Soothing Popsicles Recipe.

And, because being sick doesn’t always mean you get to lay in bed, we have all your on the go Manuka solutions such as our own alcohol-free cough elixirs, lozenges, throat soothing lollipops & honey sticks. 

** Please note, we are not medical professionals and you should not consider this medical advice. You know your body and when you need to seek medical attention, listen to that voice! And, in the meantime, eat Manuka, drink lots of water & get some rest ❤️






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