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Manuka Honey For Sleep

Manuka Honey For Sleep

Sleep… so important for healing and health but so hard to get enough of… especially in recent times! Insufficient sleep can decrease the immune system’s health, overall body, and muscle functionality. Honey is more than a sweetener! Honey can help you sleep and is one of the few sleep aids that don’t come with side effects. 

Dr. Ron Fessenden has written about how honey can help with sleep and recommending it be taken before bedtime. Glycogen has been depleted during wakefulness which is associated with an increased energy demand. Honey before bed has been shown to slowly release glycogen, which you need for essential body functions during sleep thereby reducing how often you wake up during the night. With the increase of stress levels in the last couple of years, sleeping problems are more common than they were before, but thankfully honey can be used as a health aid for sleepless nights.

You can take a teaspoon or two of raw honey or try the famous milk and honey tip. Before going to bed, take a glass of warm milk and mix it with a spoon of pure honey. Study shows it is an effective and affordable intervention to enhance sleep quality with no associated adverse effects, as compared to melatonin. It helps provide enough restful sleep and leaves a soothing effect on your mind and body. You can also try hot chocolate with stress-reducing adaptogens, this can help our bodies restart. 

Similar to sugar, honey can cause a rise in insulin and release serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that is known to improve mood, relieve stress, boost your energy levels,  promote and help you fall asleep and ensures that you wake up well-rested. Manuka Honey is a great source for many health benefits as it not only contains a lot of antioxidants and vital nutrients but has greater antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties than other honeys. 







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