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Four Gifts That Will Impress Your Hostess

Four Gifts That Will Impress Your Hostess

Holidays and parties are looming on the horizon. Now’s the time those invites are coming in from your Auntie Jane, your Cousin Laura, your best friend, etc. Every year it’s the same old story: “What do I get the gracious hostess?”

Here are a few suggestions to show your appreciation next time you get that special invitation.

The Manuka Honey Tea Set.

Manuka Honey is always special, particularly if you add it to your tea. A combination of fancy teas and a jar of Manuka Honey is a great gift. After a big party, the tired host will appreciate a relaxing beverage to finish off the day.

I usually like to package the gift and make it look extra special. The Oriental Trading Company offers nice gift boxes like this box example.

The Chef’s Power Salts

Pacific Resources International has a collection of Flavored Pacific Sea Salts that can really kick up a dinner. This power salt trio can delight that chef in your family – Chipotle, Mesquite, Flaky! Wrap it up in an unfinished wood box and surround the salts with tissue. 

The Beauty Travel Kit

Everybody needs a travel kit! Your hostess will appreciate those little things you never take the time to buy for yourself. Pick a nice travel bag and add a couple of items from the following list of fine Manuka Honey products:

Or all the above 😊😊😊

The Sweet Treat Thank You

Sweets are always welcome at a party. Especially for the hostess that wants to serve a little something after a large dinner:

Would love to hear from you and have you share your gift ideas.


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