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Salty Dog Cocktails

Eat Well Even Over Christmas

The holidays are here and you know as well as I that all thoughts of eating well go right out the window. There is chocolate, candy, Christmas dinner and the like to enjoy. There are work parties and home parties and so much more over our wonderful holiday season. But, don’t worry Pacific Resources is here to help you be just that little bit more healthy while enjoying your favorite Christmas cocktails or sweets!

Use our certified organic, kosher margarita salt for all your guests this holiday season. Enjoy the flavors of your margarita, salty dog, angry german, bloody mary, or paloma ( see recipes below) and know that even while your drinking your getting balanced minerals in your sea salted rimmed glasses and maybe even staying better hydrated. (No science behind this). You don’t need another reason to celebrate, but at least celebrate in the healthiest way possible, by using real organic sea salt at your holiday party.

These new large flaky crystals can also be used on your homemade toffee for that salty sweet flavor we all love or sprinkled on your glazed ham before serving. Don’t miss the succulent, sweet, beautiful flavors of your food this holiday season.

Angry German
1 part amaretto, 1 part blackberry schnapps
1 part herbal liquor
2 parts lime juice
1 dash margarita salt
1 dash ice cubes
mix in a shaker

Salty Dog
Salt your glass rim
Fill with ice
5oz grapefruit
1 1/2oz Gin
1/4tsp salt

Salt your glass rim
2 tequila shots
6oz club soda
splash of llime
pinch of salt

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