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DIY Manuka Skincare

DIY Manuka Skincare

Written by: No Fuss Natural

Manuka honey is a wonderful addition to homemade skincare products! It draws moisture to the skin which helps keep skin hydrated. Hydration is one of our best defenses against the signs of aging. 

Additionally, manuka boasts a powerful dose of antibacterial properties and is helpful in fighting free-radicals, which cause damage to skin. (Source)

To incorporate manuka into your daily regimine, try the following 3-step DIY manuka skincare routine: 

1 - Manuka Cleanser

Cleansing the skin with manuka honey really requires nothing more than massaging manuka honey into damp skin, then washing off with warm water. That said, adding a drop of essential oil such as lavender or manuka can add a vibrant scent as well as some extra skin benefits. 

To cleanse the skin with manuka

Tip: manuka honey also works well as a face mask. Simply massage into the sakin and leave for 5-10 minutes before washing off with warm water. 

2 - Manuka Facial Toner 

Applying a facial toner after cleansing the skin is helpful in removing any remaining dirt or residue and also aids in closing the pores and restoring the skin’s natural pH balance. It’s also a great way to prepare the skin to receive moisture and hydration from moisturizer (which you will apply in the next step). 

The following simple DIY toner uses manuka oil which is an essential oil created through the steam distillation of the leaves, twigs, and branch ends of the Manuka tree. 

With a wide range of antifungal activity, manuka oil is often utilized for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory purposes (Source). It’s perfect for use in skincare routines as it helps skin stay clear and fight bacteria that may cause blemishes. 


⅛ cup Witch Hazel 

10 drops PRI 80% Manuka oil 

5 drops lavender essential oil


Mix all ingredients in a small glass bottle. Close tightly with lid and shake to blend. 

Apply a small amount of toner to a cotton pad and gently wipe over damp skin. 

3 - Moisturizing Manuka Facial Spray

This moisturizing facial spray combines honey, water or hydrosol, and aloe vera to provide hydration. Use as part of your daily skin care routine or spritz on the face any time skin feels dry. 

Only make a small amount of this product and keep in the fridge as it doesn’t have a preservative. If you’d like to keep outside the fridge or for a longer period of time, add a natural preservative such as Leucidal liquid according to the manufacturer's directions. 


½ cup distilled water or hydrosol of choice (such as lavender or chamomile hydrosol)

1 ½ Tablespoons PRI Manuka honey

1 ½ Tablespoons aloe vera gel


Place all ingredients in a small bowl or glass measuring cup and stir until well combined. 

Pour into a glass spray bottle and close with lid. 

Spritz on the skin after cleansing and toning or any time skin begins to feel overly dry. 

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