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Australian Manuka Honey

It Isn’t Just Any Honey, It’s Australian Manuka Honey

Australia's sunny weather produces some of the best Manuka Honey in the world. The warm climate of this country makes the Australian Manuka Honey to have more diverse flavour, sweeter and smoother.

Australia with its native forests is known to have 85 species of Leptospermum. This means it can generate more Manuka honey which has the same activity or more compared with Manuka from New Zealand. 

Australian Manuka Honey exhibits a non-peroxide activity due to the MG component that is present in Manuka Honey. The higher the concentration, the more health benefits can be obtained. It has a potent anti-bacterial agent to ease digestive symptoms, boost immune defense, and is used as a topical for minor cuts, wounds and burns.

Pacific Resources International offers a variety of Australian Manuka Honey, collected with care from the “Land Down Under”. Independently tested and cool processed to extract any bee particles or honeycomb bits.

Manuka Honey 25+ is guaranteed to have a MG rating over 125+ mg/kg and a leposperin content over 100+ mg/kg.

Manuka Honey 30+ is guaranteed to have a MG rating over 200+ mg/kg and a leposperin content over 100+ mg/kg.

Choose the best Australian Manuka Honey for you! It’s great with your morning tea, coffee or toast. Having 2-3tbsp per day is also good for your health and wellbeing.