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Best Way To Fight Colds And Coughs! (Updated)


There is a reason you love our award winning Lemon & Honey Lozenges and Cough Syrup (2016 Better Nutrition – Best of Supplements Award), and why we here are Pacific Resources International believe that natural and simple are the best for a healthy life style! Using the traditional cold formula of natural Lemon and combining it with New Zealand Active UMF Manuka honey with immune building CPL* Bee Propolis in our Lemon & Manuka Honey products helps enable our bodies fight off infection as nature intended. You can also try a Hot Lemon & Manuka Honey drink when a sore throat hits: just mix a spoon full of our Active Manuka Honey, a good squeeze of fresh Lemon juice, and hot water in your favorite mug and feel the relief!

Medical Doctors in the UK speak out and return to Nature for results…

Cough medicines are ‘waste of money’ and you’re better off trying honey and lemon, say doctors.

Adds simplest and cheapest treatment for a short-term cough may be a homemade remedy containing lemon and honey.

Cough medicines are waste of money, doctors declared today. Both NHS (National Health Service in the UK)bosses and leading GPs have dismissed the products – and say traditional homemade remedies with lemon or honey to be the best approach

… ‘There’s little evidence to suggest cough medicines actually work, although some ingredients may help treat symptoms associated with a cough, such as a blocked nose or fever.’ The webpage adds that the ‘simplest and cheapest’ treatment for a ‘short-term cough’ may be a homemade remedy containing lemon and honey

…A Which( Testing Company) investigation two years ago said found many popular cough medicines do not work as well as they claim to. The report authors concluded that studies used to support the claims of effectiveness are often low quality. Many also contain high doses of sugar, with one week of the adult maximum dose of a popular product containing as much sugar as five Mars bars…”


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2793863/cough-medicines-waste-money-better-trying-honey-lemon-say-doctors.html#ixzz3GG8RWPZP


More support for Manuka Honey:

Adding a little Manuka honey to your hot tea, smoothie, or even oatmeal, might help you fend off infections.

In recent research, microbiologist Elizabeth Harry of the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, found that “when tested against other honeys, Manuka honey was the most effective at inhibiting the growth of all the bacteria.”

Read more: https://www.yahoo.com/health/5-uncommon-tips-to-beat-a-cold-or-the-flu-105881337133.html