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Keep Skin Healthy With Manuka Honey

Keep Your Skin Healthy With Manuka Honey


Maintaining healthy skin is not easy. Smoke, pollution, UV rays and caffeine produce free radicals in our body which can easily damage the skin. Stress and lack of sleep also speed up the process of aging. We are too busy working ourselves out, pressured in chasing our dreams to the extent of getting burnt out and not having enough time to pamper ourselves. But with this pandemic that we are facing right now, we are advised to stay at home thus giving us more time to take care of ourselves. 

Let us take time to know ourselves better. Recharge and realize what we need most for us to flourish. Grab this opportunity to lavishly reward ourselves by doing our self- care routines without being time- conscious. 

To help you decide and get started on your self- care routines, here are effective natural products with Manuka honey sourced from New Zealand bees for your skin care.

Biohoney Avocado and Rosehip Cream Cleanser

Cleansing creams are used to wash and moisturize your skin. It helps get rid of dirt and sweat. Although there are a lot of these cleansing creams that can be found in the market, you still have to choose the one that best suits your skin type.


Biohoney®Avocado and Rosehip Cream Cleanser is a gentle cleanser that purifies impurities while reinvigorating your skin. It has a combination of Avocado oil, purifying Rosehip oil and Manuka honey to help regenerate and improve damaged skin. 


Biohoney Grapeseed Eye Cream

Biohoney® Grapeseed Eye Cream is not just a nutrient rich but also a gentle cream that is specifically developed for the most sensitive skin types. It has features of Grapeseed oil- packed with age defying Vitamin E and Omega- 6 fatty acids. It has Avocado oils and Manuka Honey MGO 300+ that helps nourish and restore damaged skin.


Certified Organic Bee Venom Mask

Biohoney® Rejuvenating Bee Venom Mask will give you a more radiant and more youthful skin. It has combinations of powerful age-defying ingredients like bee venom and New Zealand Tree Fern extract.

Biohoney Natural Acne Cream

This Natural Acne Cream aids in the breakdown of acne. It soothes and replenishes the skin with its natural ingredients, the power of 20% Manuka honey MGO 300+ and Manuka oil that promotes clearer and healthier skin.


Biohoney Natural Vitamin E

Reveal a healthier and more youthful looking skin with Biohoney® Natural Vitamin E Cream. It gently glides into your skin, moisturizes and deeply nourishes to give you a more glowing skin. It has combinations of High-Strength Manuka honey MGO 300+, with an abundance of skin-loving nutrients including Avocado oil, Apricot kernel oil and Evening primrose oil.

Personalize your beauty regimen according to your needs to achieve a better version of yourself!

Furthermore, Manuka honey has a lot to offer. Apart from keeping your skin nourished, it has plenty of health benefits to give you . Treat yourself for a healthy snack, have some Manuka honey candies to help boost your immune system. Discover and enjoy the unique and amazing properties of Manuka Honey.