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New Zealand Raw Rata Honey

All About Rata Honey

 Looking for a delicious and flavourful honey? We bring you New Zealand Raw Rata Honey!

Rata Honey comes from native forests specifically the Southern Rata Tree on the West Coast of South Island which has beautiful large red flowers that are similar to Pohutukawa or the New Zealand Christmas tree. The tree only flowers occasionally so pure rata honey is rare and very special. 

 Raw honey has been processed less than conventional honeys. It is light in colour with a delicate, floral taste making it a real favourite with many honey enthusiasts. It has undergone less processing and has not been stirred for long periods or heated above normal hive temperature making it higher in healthy enzymes thus retaining more nutrients and keeping a distinctive flavour. Research shows it has more than double amount of healthy enzymes compared to conventionally processed honeys.

 New Zealand Raw Honey Company Rata Honey has won gold for quality and silver for packaging in the prestigious London Honey awards 2019 judged by a range of international honey tasters and judges.

Grab a spoon and dig in. Get one now at Pacific Resources International, Inc to experience this delightful Rata Honey!