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What Makes Rata Honey So Special?

What Makes Rata Honey So Special?

Rata Honey has become one of the most popular gourmet honey’s on the Pacific Resources International website. It’s popularity should come as no surprise to those who have experienced the delectable taste of it. The delicate, floral taste is second-to-none and can be used for a variety of different applications.

Like many of our other honey’s, Rata Honey comes from New Zealand. However, it can only be found in the remote native forests on the West Coast of the South Island, making it difficult to harvest for many beekeepers. The honey is also raw, meaning it has undergone less processing. This leads to higher content of healthy enzymes while retaining a distinctive flavor that you can only get with Rata Honey.

Here are just a few reasons why Rata Honey is so special:

Our Rata Honey is 100% Raw

Raw honey has been processed less than conventional honeys. This means it has not been stirred for long periods or heated above normal bee hive temperatures (approximately 35 degrees celsius). This helps the honey retain more micronutrients! INdependent research shows that our Rata Honey has more than double the amount of healthy enzymes than conventionally processed honey.

Single Source

Single source honey is plain and simple: it only comes from only one site and is not blended with honey from other locations like most commercial honey. This is unique and results in more distinctive flavors based on the properties of the specific location. Choosing single source Rata Honey means you’re getting one of the most unique honeys around without any additives or alterations.

Master Beekeeper

The quality and flavor of our Rata Honey is so good that many master beekeepers would usually reserve this for their own personal use. Thankfully, our Master Beekeeper, Lindsay Feary, has agreed to share this with our valued customers. Feary has a wealth of beekeeping experience and produces some of the best West Coast honey.

Award Winning

The producer of our honey, the New Zealand RAW Honey Company, won a Gold and two silver medals in the 2019 London International Honey Awards (LIHA). The Rata Honey won a Gold Quality Honey award at the awards ceremony. We are proud to carry such a revered honey and we want all of our customers to enjoy it with us!

Have you tried Rata Honey yet? Whether you typically use honeys for spreading on toast or for your charcuterie boards, Rata Honey would make the perfect addition to your honey cabinet. Shop Rata Honey on our website today!