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CLICK HERE To Explore Our Halloween Treats Sale!

Fine New Zealand Sea Salt

$ 2.69

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Tapping into our world‘s tastiest, natural mineral, our New Zealand Sea Salt harvests the best the Southern Ocean has to offer. Right from the waters of NZ and into your cooking, our locally-processed table and cooking salt can now be used by chefs and home-cooks all over the world.

We tap into the solar and wind power processes at the Solar Salt Field to bring you our Sea Salt, keeping the product in its most powerful, natural form. To retain all of its original trace elements found in nature, our workers take all the necessary precautions to maintain the balance of minerals naturally present in the sea.

At PRI, we use sustainable, traditional, yet innovative methods to bottle nature‘s finest. We want to preserve the balance of this natural mineral and package the best New Zealand‘s oceans have to offer.


  • Certified Kosher
  • natural, drying solar and wind process
  • Harvested from the clean oceans around New Zealand
  • Retains all the natural trace elements
  • Not Iodized
  • no additives or free flow additives

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