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Free Shipping on orders $49+

Manuka & Propolis: A Powerful Immunity Booster

From The Hive

Propolis is made by bees in order to build and sustain hives, so it's as natural a health solution as it gets!

Sustainable Bees

Our beekeepers support GloryBee's SAVE the BEE initiative to help preserve and promote sustainability in the propolis industry.

Immunity Benefits

Many people use propolis as a daily immunity booster or to help fight against harmful bacteria when an infection arises.

Made Exclusively by New Zealand Bees.

Drawn right from our untouched locations, nestled deep in New Zealand, this product‘s main ingredient, propolis, is then extracted from the heart of the plant and used to protect the human body, just as bees use it to seal their hives.

Nature Made. Bee Fortified.

Propolis can be used to strengthen the immune system, may help heal cold sores and burns, as well as protect the body against inflammation.


Tested For Purity & Effectiveness.


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Manuka Oil
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Propolis is one of nature's most powerful supplement for everyday health benefits.