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avocado snack

Five Healthy Snackable Ideas


The summer is over and it’s back to school! We always struggle with snack ideas that the kids will eat and enjoy. Here are five healthy options for students of all ages!

  1. Apples and Manuka Honey
    This is an easy and delicious snack option for those busy moms with no time.
    Cut up an apple in sections, sprinkle with Meyer lemon and serve with Manuka Honey.
  2. Toast with Manuka Honey and Ricotta cheese. A protein-rich healthy snack that can be made in minutes.
    Slice a French baguette generously spread ricotta cheese and sprinkle with Manuka Honey. If you want, top with walnuts for a crunchy flavor.
  3. Avocado toast with Chipotle BBQ Pacific Sea Salt
    Not only is Avocado delicious but it’s also a superfood. Here is another quick and easy snack.
    Half a small avocado sprinkled with Chipotle or Mesquite Pacific Sea Salt. Voilà!
  4. Roasted corn with Pacific Sea Salt
    If you have a little more time roast a corn ear lightly spread with olive oil. Season with Chipotle BBQ Pacific Sea Salt. This is a fun snack for kids everywhere.
  5. Manuka Honey Salted Caramels are ideal for dipping!
    Melt Manuka Honey caramels to a smooth consistency in your microwave.
    You can then dip strawberries, bananas, pineapple or any other fruit. Enjoy!

Easy, right? If you have ideas on how to use Pacific Resources International’s Manuka Honey and Pacific Sea Salt, feel free to share. We will give you full credit and attribution. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and join our community. We look forward to hearing from you! 😊😊😊