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Packing For Spring Break? Here Are A Few Tips


Yea!!! Spring break is almost here. So where are you heading? Whatever your destination, you still need a list to make sure you pack everything you need.

I always try to plan in advance so that I don’t get stuck packing or planning last minute. So here are some of my travel go-tos:

My Toiletries:

Besides the obvious, shampoo, makeup, here are some of the not so obvious:

Hand Cream. Planes are dehydrating. To keep my skin soft and moisturized to look radiant on your holiday. I reach for PRI’s award-winning Manuka Honey Tropical Coconut Lime Hand Cream. They have two other scents which are equally good but this one is my favorite. I have a thing for lime.

Lip Balm. The sun, wind, ocean, certain foods… a million things can make your lips feel dry and uncomfortable. I reach for PRI’s award-winning Manuka Honey Lip Balm. I throw it in my purse and apply it a few times a day.

On the Road Essentials:

We normally stay in self-hosted apartments, so I bring my preferred soap and toothpaste. I pack PRI’s Propolis and Tea Tree Toothpaste. It keeps my mouth fresh and clean, especially after those rich foods we eat on the road that are heavy on garlic and spices. I also love the Manuka Honey Sea Salt Soap. Besides smelling amazing and adding a faboo scent to my clothes in the suitcase. It’s a lovely bath-spa experience.

My Wellness Care:

Manuka Honey offers a few first aid items that may help with some minor travel mishaps.

Bruises from lugging those suitcases? No problem, for this I pull out the Nectar Balm Bee Venom Cream and apply it at night before bed to help ease any discomfort. I also carry Manuka Oil for sunburn. When I wash my hair with hotel conditioner, I add a few drops of the oil for softer hair.

I DO NOT want to catch a cold from all that travel. I pack a box of Manuka Honey Lozenges to tackle the dry throat along with a few Manuka Honey Sticks. This seems to do the dry mouth trick. The honey sticks, in particular, give me a boost of energy when I am wandering around sightseeing.

Quick Energy Snack:

My all-time favorite: Salted Manuka Honey Caramels!!! I LOVE them! Just put a few in your purse and take them anywhere. They are delicious and best of all they are also good for you.

So happy packing and Bon Voyage. See you around! ✈️ 🛥️