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Manuka Honey

Is Manuka Honey Good for Inflammation?

Manuka Honey has been so popular for its antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. It is also commonly used as an aid to support the immune system. It is known to heal minor cuts and scrapes, help soothe sore throats, improve digestive symptoms and reduce inflammation caused by acne. 

Manuka honey is collected by the bees from the manuka bush that originated from Australia and New Zealand. It is more potent because it has a higher level of methylglyoxal (MGO). MGO or methylglyoxal is a component which makes Manuka honey so special.

What is inflammation?

Manuka honey is naturally used to help lessen inflammation for some health conditions since the early years. But what specifically is inflammation?

Inflammation is the physiological reaction of the body to fight infection and injury. It is our body’s way of communicating with the immune system to defend it against any unfamiliar invaders, such as the bacteria, viruses or any pathogens and without inflammation; wounds will become more serious and deadly.

Acute inflammation is a short- term response with restricted effects. It develops usually after a scrape, a sore throat or a sprained ankle while the chronic inflammation can have a long- term and broad effect and can possibly lead to a certain disease.

Can Manuka Honey help?

There is no solid scientific evidence that Manuka honey can reduce inflammation, however, there are a quite number of clinical trials which reported  that there is a reduced symptom of inflammation following the application of honey to wounds. Some of which found to have a soothing effect after application to wounds and burns. There was a decrease of exudates on the wound after it was dressed with honey, which is a good sign for controlling inflamed wounds.

 In conclusion, further studies are needed to back-up if Manuka honey can really be a big help for inflammatory conditions. For now, what we can do if there is an inflammation is to follow proper proven procedures that may help lessen the inflammation. We can include Manuka honey as an immune system booster as well.