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 Author: Stacy Karen

This year taking care of our health (and the health of our families) is even more important than ever! 

During back-to-school season it is paramount that we incorporate wellness supporting foods and supplements in order to bolster and support the immune system as well as our overall health. 

As we get back to our studies and school routines, we might also find ourselves craving a sweet treat here and there.  Many sweet treats are nothing more than empty calories, but our manuka-based candies and lozenges include health-enhancing ingredients that support wellbeing  

Below you’ll find five of our favorite treats and immune system boosters to support you though back-to-school season and beyond:

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey

Manuka honey has unique properties not found in any other type of honey known as MGO (methylglyoxal) aka NPA (non -peroxide activity), which makes it useful in supporting the body in various ways. Many consume it daily to promote general well-being, support digestive health, and also utilize its antibacterial powers to dress minor wounds and burns. (Source - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26061489). 

Take this by the spoonful each morning as a “supplement,” spread on toast, or incorporate into snacks, such as energy balls. 
Consume 2-3 teaspoons per day. 

Manuka Honey Sticks

Manuka Honey Sticks


A great portable treat. Manuka honey sticks are an excellent way to take the health benefits of manuka honey on the go. Eat honey straight from the stick or stir into tea or coffee, as desired. It's a great treat for kids' lunch boxes too! 
Our Manuka honey sticks come in packs of 10. Get them in original Manuka honey flavor or Lemon Twist

Manuka and Propolis Lozenges

Manuka Honey Lozenges

A powerful combination, manuka and propolis lozenges are perfect for soothing tickly throats and supporting the immune system. (Source - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6335834/)

Propolis extract is a complex chemical that consists of proteins, amino acids, vitamins, trace minerals, and flavonoids which is processed by honeybees from the resin they collect from trees and plants. Bees use propolis to keep their hives free of infections and safe to raise their young. Us, humans, use it as a natural or homeopathic treatment for a variety of health conditions to keep us strong and well protected. 

Our lozenges are free of unhealthy dyes and sweeteners (like high fructose corn syrup) and come in Lemon and Honey, Aniseed, and Strawberry flavors. 

Manuka Honey and Propolis Lollipops


Loved by children & adults, our Manuka Honey and Propolis lollipops, support the body with bioflavonoids (from the Propolis), Manuka Honey MGO 263+, NPA (Non Peroxide Activity) 10+, and also include Menthol to help fight off infections.  

In fact, our lollipops are the same formula as our lozenges, just on a stick! This makes them safer for kids while providing the same great benefits. Added bonus, your kids will think they are getting a treat!

Our Manuka Honey and Propolis Lollipops are available in lemon and strawberry flavors

Manuka Honey Nuggets

Manuka Honey Nuggets

A natural energy boost, manuka honey nuggets satisfy sweet tooth cravings and provide the health benefits of manuka honey is a conveniently portable package. A perfect little lunchbox treat or after-dinner candy, our manuka nuggets are much like hard candy, but with the benefits of manuka honey! 
Include in a lunchbox or keep a stash in your purse for any time cravings arise or your energy begins to feel depleted. 

Manuka Honey nuggets are available in four flavors: Manuka Honey, Lemon & Honey, Ginger & Honey, and Cherry & Honey. 
Supporting our health and immune system can be quite delicious, if we do say so ourselves! 

Incorporating manuka and propolis into your daily routine is a great way to boost overall wellness and strengthen the immune system. 

We think you’ll find including manuka honey, lozenges, and lollipops in your back-to-school health plan a worthwhile endeavor. Your taste buds will thank you, too! 

Author: Stacy Karen