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Think Organic, Think BioGro

Think Organic, Think BioGro

PRI Team
2 minute read

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biogroAnyone can claim their product is organic, fair-trade and ecologically sustainable however, the label “organic” in Europe, Japan, USA, and Canada is protected by law. In New Zealand there are no laws protecting the label organic so anyone can use this terminology. Although labeling laws are changing rapidly the only way to be sure is to look for the BioGro certification to guarantee that the organic products are genuine. . BioGro is the largest and most well known organic certifier in New Zealand. They have provided organic certification to over 600 producers, farmers and manufactures within New Zealand and the Pacific allowing for $215-225 million dollars per year to be made in organic export. The BioGro logo guarantees that the product is not only made without animal testing but is also not genetically engineered or sprayed routinely with pesticides. But why choose to go organic? Organic farming is a holistic style of farming where not only is the product pesticide free but the environment in which it is grown is also taken care of. It is a sustainable farming practice that will not damage the earth in the long run. Leaving the soil balanced and alive instead of dead and with unbalanced. The key principals to organic farming include: encouraging and enhancing biological cycles, maintaining and improving long term soil structure and fertility, practicing humane management of livestock, maintaining genetic diversity, cycling organic matter and nutrients within a production system, minimizing all forms of pollution, adopting an integrated management system for soil, crops and the environment for weed, pest and disease control and aiming to produce food of high nutritional quality. All of these are guaranteed with the BioGro certification. BioGro is also internationally accredited and is used in different countries. Guaranteeing the sustainability of products far and wide. Check out the BioGro certified Sea Salt imported by Pacific Resources International. Not only is their sea salt sun dried and pure, it’s the first salt to be issued an organic certification.



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