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A Delicacy, Flaky Salt

A Delicacy, Flaky Salt

PRI Team
2 minute read

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BioGroAlthough flaky salt appears to be a new product with all the recent advertising and marketing by famous chiefs, Gordon Ramsay for example, it really isn’t. The production of flaky salt is an age-old process that has been used for centuries and dates back to 1882. The first producer of flaky salt was The Maldon Salt Company founded in the UK. Flaky salt is a unique 3-dimensional crystal, which is produced by being slowly evaporated in an open pan. The company introduced this delicate salt to the world, where the epicurean palate for flavor, soft texture and versatility has prized its use in fine cuisine. Flaky salt’s popularity spread to other regions of the world and in 1942 a man named George Skellerup started a company called Dominion Salt located at Lake Grassmere near Blenheim on the South Island of New Zealand. salt pilesHere the seawater contains 2.5 percent sodium chloride and up to 70,000 tones of this salt is harvested from the lake each year. This is done by pumping seawater from the clear clean New Zealand ocean into the lake and using solar evaporation (the sun) to extracted the salt from the water. The snowy stacks­­ of salt have become a landmark along the Blenheim – Christchurch highway, as they are readily visible by day and night. Dominion salt produces their flaky salt under New Zealand’s BioGrow certification standard which means that the water from which it is harvested is tested for contaminates. Unlike many other salts this salt can be registered as organic due to the rigorous testing required under the BioGro certification of the water from which it is produced. So don’t miss out on this magical culinary additive and get some BioGro Flaky Sea Salt  from New Zealand, imported by Pacific Resources International and sold throughout the United States.

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