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Who Knew Health Could be so Sweet

We partnered with one of our favorite brands to bring you some great freebies in your order!

Pacific Resources International (aka P.R.I.) was the first to bring manuka honey to the U.S. market over 30 years ago. Studies have shown it to be uniquely effective for treating burns, wounds, many types of skin issues and internally for anything from digestive health maintenance, improving oral & vocal health to soothing symptoms of allergies, colds and flus.

PRI is completely transparent about the quality of their honey and will provide test results upon request per batch number to prove our manuka honey is 100% genuine. We recommend taking 2-3 tsp/day for health and, of course, one of the best ways to enjoy it is in your cup of coffee or tea!
If you ordered from Teeccino, you received a sample of:
-PRI Lemon Twist Manuka Honey Sticks
-PRI 5+ Manuka Honey Honey Sticks (link these to their respective product pages)
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Discover Teeccino!

Teeccino is a delicious blend of organic herbs like chicory, carob, dandelion or ramón seeds plus fruits and nuts that are roasted and ground to brew like coffee or steep like tea. All our products contain the highest quality ingredients without any artificial flavors, preservatives, chemicals or stimulants like caffeine and sugar. A cup of Teeccino brims with many  health benefits  including natural energy from nutrients, heart-healthy potassium and prebiotic inulin.
If you ordered from PRI, here are the Teeccino samples you received:
-Maca Chocolate Tea
-Mango Lemon Balm Tea
-Lion's Mane Rhodiola Herbal Coffee
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Want to learn more about the many benefits of Manuka Honey?