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Your body deserves the best, from the best. Manuka is the most medicinal honey in the world. Read on to learn why.

Love yourself from the inside out with manuka honey!

Isn't all raw honey good for you?

Raw honey is better for you than traditional sweeteners & can be effective against minor cuts & burns, but it doesn't contain methylglyoxal (MGO). Manuka is the only honey containing high levels of MGO due to the chemical reaction when bees in NZ and AUS pollinate the manuka tree. Study after study proves that manuka honey is more effective at supporting your immune system, treating colds, flu & allergy symptoms, healing burns and wounds, reducing acne, and more. In fact, it's the only honey approved for medical use.

So, what makes MGO so unique?

Methylglyoxal is rarely found in high enough concentrations to be beneficial, making manuka a natural rarity. Generally speaking, MGO gives manuka more effective antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory benefits than other honey. Scientists believe manuka is more effective and long-lasting because MGO's properties are NOT peroxide based.

How do I use it & which kind do I get?

You can use manuka for both internal and external issues. Externally, you may apply it directly to cuts, burns, acne, etc. Internally, many people like to take it as part of their daily supplement routine. We recommend three teaspoons daily, preferably before a meal, to take advantage of its prebiotic benefits! Of course, you can also use it in your tea or other favorite recipes, as the heat will not kill the MGO content.