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Immune-support powered by Manuka Honey & Propolis.

Power Up Your Medicine Cabinet.

Tackle the Tickle.

Studies show Manuka Honey is more effective than OTC remedies at soothing sore throats, refreshing dry throats, and calming coughs. The antiviral, anti-inflammatory & antibacterial benefits of both Propolis and Manuka Honey work to reduce harmful bacteria and the duration of your symptoms.

Release the Cytokines.

Propolis and Manuka Honey both activate Cytokines. Cytokines help white blood cells identify and eliminate damaged or infected tissues so you can heal faster.

Oral Defense.

As a bonus, Manuka Honey & Propolis can improve oral health! They protect against oral disease, gum disease, and cavities, prevent biofilm formation, reduce plaque and treat canker sores.

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