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Free Domestic Shipping on Orders $35+

Mesquite Smoked Pacific Sea Salt

by PRI
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Drawn from the waters of Cook Strait between New Zealand‘s North and South Islands and perfected with a southern kick from Louisiana, our Mesquite Fine Salt is a recipe that blends the best of both hemispheres.

From one process to another, we use nature and tradition in our flavor. The Mesquite Salt first begins its harvesting process where the salt is evaporated using the Earth‘s very own solar and wind processes. At PRI, we allow nature to take its course, knowing that this method is the very best when it comes to retaining all of the sea salt‘s natural trace elements.

It then heads into a smoked Mesquite process, divulged only from generation to generation of a Louisiana family secret.

How did we get our hands on that family secret? All you need to know is that our Mesquite Salt pairs swimmingly with your favorite Cajun and BBQ dishes, or can even top over a salad or scrambled eggs.

At PRI, we use sustainable, traditional, yet innovative methods to bottle nature‘s finest. We want to preserve the balance of this natural mineral and package the best New Zealand‘s oceans have to offer.


  •     Ingredients: New Zealand Sea Salt, Mesquite Oil (less than 1%)
  •     Does not contain any free-flowing or anti-caking agents
  •     Not Iodized
  •     3.5 oz. in size

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