Build An Epic Charcuterie Board

chauterie board


Picture Credit : @judydohertyphotography

Wine and Cheese Day is today! What’s better way to celebrate than having friends or family over for an Epic Charcuterie Board paired with your favorite wines.

Items for Charcuterie board are endless, here’s what we like for an epic board everyone will love. We suggest picking out 3-4 of each category.




  1. Gather board, appetizer forks, spreaders, etc.
  2. Clean the board or surfaces to be used and dry thoroughly.
  3. Wash and thoroughly drain any veggies and fruits being used. Gently pat dry.
  4. Unwrap any cheese and meat being used.
  5. Slice cheese and meat.
  6. Start at center of board and arrange items on board, Try to set contrasting colors and shapes together to create more visual interest.
  7. Replenish board as needed.


-Arrange the Charcuterie board about 30 minutes before serving, it will give the soft cheese time to come to room temperature, which makes for easier spreading. 

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