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Manuka Honey & Raw Milk Ice Cream

By our very own Whitney Farmer



4 Cups – Raw Milk (or Cream of your choice)
2 Eggs – Farm Fresh is the Best!
2 Tbls – Vanilla Extract
2 Tbls – Manuka honey 20+
1/3 Cup – Organic Maple Syrup

Directions: – Whisk all ingredients together until well mixed and velvety. – Pour the mixture into your Ice Cream Machine and wait roughly 20 minutes, then drizzle 1 spoonful of Manuka Honey into the Mixture. – Wait another 10 minutes before transferring the Ice Cream into a freezer safe container. – For Best result Allow to freeze for an additional 2 hours. (This all depends on what type of Milk/Cream you use).

Dare we say that we created a “ Medicinal Ice Cream” recipe!

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