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Turmeric Ginger Golden Moon Milk Recipe

Turmeric Ginger Golden Moon Milk Recipe

Celebrating #NationalSleepAwarenessWeek with a delicious Turmeric Ginger Golder Moon Milk and a nap...or three!

A comforting cup of moon milk is the perfect addition to your nightly routine for better sleep! Golden milk is an ancient Ayurvedic drink from India that has been shown to have many healing effects. One of which is sleep! Ideally sipped daily before bed, this recipe contains a blend of adaptogens and spices to help promote better sleep! 

Raw honey before bed has been shown to slowly release glycogen, which you need for essential body functions during sleep thereby reducing how often you wake up during the night.

Studies have also shown that ashwagandha may lower stress and improve the quality of sleep.. The leaves of the plant contain a compound called triethylene glycol, which promotes sleep induction. 

Turmeric has been shown to protect against sleep deprivation. (Scientists discovered that turmeric protected 72 hour sleep-deprived mice from the symptoms of sleep deprivation.) 

Piperine, a compound found in black pepper, helps the body absorb turmeric, so it’s important to pair these two ingredients together. 


Turmeric Ginger Golden Moon Milk

Serves: 2 glasses

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Prep Time: 3 minutes 

Total Time: 8 minutes

  • 1 can Light Coconut Milk (we used Edward & Son’s Native Forest Organic Light Coconut Milk
  • 1.5 cups milk (we used almond)
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil 
  • 2 tsp ashwagandha powder
  • 2 tsp turmeric powder
  • ½ tsp ginger powder
  • ¼ cinnamon 
  • 1 cinnamon stick (optional)
  • 1 pinch ground pepper
  • 1.5-2 tbsp PRI Manuka Honey (to taste)
  • Edible rose petals (optional) 

  1. In a saucepan on, medium-low heat, warm the coconut milk and non-dairy milk and let it simmer. 
  2. While the mixture is warming up, in a small bowl create a paste by mixing the spices (ashwagandha, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper) with 2 tbsp water. 
  3. Once the milk mixture begins to warm up add the coconut oil and then the paste mixture.
  4. Whisk all the ingredients while stirring often so the ingredients don’t stick to the bottom. Add in the cinnamon stick at this point if using and continue to let simmer. Don’t let the mixture come to a boil, it should be warm but not too hot to the touch to burn you.
  5. Remove the pan from heat and let it sit for a minute, finally stir in the honey to taste and whisk once again. We add the honey in last so we don’t kill the benefits of the raw honey. 
  6. Decorate with roses and enjoy warm!

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